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Candidate rejection emails are a crucial part of the recruitment process.

They are basically served to let candidates know of their hiring status, and help the recruiter pause the relationship on good terms to continue to keep a particular candidate in their talent pool. The right candidate rejection email template leaves room open for future interactions between the rejected candidate and the company.

Candidate rejection emails can be sent for a variety of reasons including

  • Unqualified applicant: The applicant lacks the necessary qualifications.

  • Mismatched applicant: The applicant isn’t suitable for the particular role.

  • Post-interview: The applicant could not leave a positive impression during the process.

  • Late application: The applicant was late to apply for the job.

  • Undisclosed reason: Your company doesn’t reveal the reason for rejection.

Why should you use a candidate rejection email template?

Efficiency is one of the biggest benefits of using candidate rejection email template.

  1. Using a template allows recruiters to spend more time reviewing suitable applicants

  2. Templates help streamline your hiring workflow as they are easily customizable

  3. The basic details hardly change making it much faster to tweak templates

Candidate Rejection Email Template :

Subject Line                                                                                                                                      BEIGEBBAGJLUOJI: Update on your application to [Company Name] 

Body copy

Dear [Candidate Name],

Thank you for applying for the position of [Job Role] at [Company Name]. With so many talented individuals like yourself, the decision to choose the right candidate becomes more difficult.

After thoughful consideration, we have chosen not to move forward with your application. While we were impressed with your [skills or accomplishments], we think your [experience or profile] are not aligned closely with this position.

We’d like to mention that our decision is not a reflection of your skills and abilities as we believe you have the potential [strengths] to contribute to your success. If we think you could be a good fit for other future openings, we will surely reach out to you.

We sincerely value your dedicated time and effort towards this job position and encourage you to continue pursuing opportunities that align with your strengths and skillset. 

We’d love to know your feedback on our hiring process as it would help us learn and grow. 

Wish you all the best in your job search and your future endeavours. 




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