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In recent times, the advent of continuously evolving technology has left no domain untouched. When it comes to recruitment and hiring, technology has contributed in the form of amazing software, Applicant Tracking System or commonly known as a candidate tracking system.
An Applicant Tracking System is a recruitment software that electronically automates the recruitment needs of a company, from screening resumes and applications to scheduling interviews.

Applicant Tracking System is extensively used by recruiters nowadays with their main concern being to save time and money. However, some recruiters have divided opinions on the use of ATS such as – some believe that ATS is not the best because of their complexities in installation and integration, their high price, and their biased choices, whereas some recruiters simply can’t work without an ATS.

We have come up with Recooty is world’s easiest ATS which not only changes the recruitment scenario but also to eliminate the problems of tangled processes and complexities that certain recruiters face with other Applicant Tracking System. While creating Recooty, these were some of the primary concerns of us-

1. Make Sure Companies Have The Best Hiring Experience.

Hiring can be really complicated and a total mess if not done accurately. The conventional recruitment process, being bulky and totally manual, had a very high chance of going wrong in some way or the other. Talking about modern processes, when technology has taken over most of the difficult processes in hiring, most of the Applicant Tracking Systems are usually too complicated to use.
The main motive behind creating Recooty was to take care off of the complexities and tediousness of Hiring. We wanted Hiring to be a fun and valuable experience for recruiters, which also yielded great results and helped them build a great organization.

2. Helps in Building Your Dream Organization.

An organization’s success or failure is totally dependent on the hard work and dedication of the employees working for that organization. To have a perfect team which can build the dream organization a recruiter needs recruitment strategies and tools.
Recooty’s came into existence so that it can serve as a perfect and easiest online recruitment tool and help recruiters hire a perfect team for building their dream organization.

Automate the streamlining and management of resumes and applications
Speaking of the complexities of hiring, one of the biggest culprits in this is the hectic and boring process of going through each and every application and resume manually, analyze them and then shortlist them according to the needs of the required post.
Recooty being the simplest ATS any recruiter could have, automates the whole resume hunting process for the recruiter, helping them get the best fit for the job.

3. Make the Lives of your HR Staff a Little Easier.

The HR department of any organization is its backbone when it comes to recruitment. It is the job of this department to make sure that the organization has the best set of skills and talents working for the company to ensure success in achieving long-term as well as short-term goals.
Considering such immense pressure on the HR staff, the creators of Recooty aimed for easing up their lives a little by building an amazingly easy and efficient ATS which could help them throughout the whole recruiting process.

4. Saves Time, Energy and Money.

The conventional recruitment methods were quite costly including the expenses of various media involved in posting and promoting job openings. As for the modern days, most ATS as well as various job opening posting platforms like job portals, websites etc, are quite costly too.
We wanted to build an amazing recruiting tool that not only proves to be an awesome ATS but also gives recruiters the independence of posting job openings directly on their own website and manage applications and resumes easily in their own convenience just with a couple of clicks.

5. Get the Best Fit for Your Job Openings

Getting the wrong candidate for a job can really be a nightmare for any organization. The recruiter puts in so many efforts for selecting a candidate and expects him to be an efficient employee and if this goes wrong, it can really hinder the working of the company in the long run.
Recooty was built with the intention to provide recruiters with an absolutely accurate ATS which helps them get applications just according to their needs.

The developing team at Recooty understands the importance and the value of the building and grooming great teams for any organization which is one of the initial and most important steps towards success, and therefore we have to build Recooty with lots of love to make recruiting easy for the recruiters.

Happy hiring 🙂

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