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About Rachel Cupples

Rachel Cupples, is the Senior Recruiter at Textio. With a mission to help organizations build and sustain diverse, high-performing teams, Textio is at the forefront of innovative recruitment. Rachel boasts 8 years of Talent Acquisition experience, covering agency, corporate, and non-profit sectors. Beyond her role as an award-winning recruiter, she’s a seasoned hiring manager trainer and renowned for her captivating blogs available on “recruitingshero”.

In the the interview we discussed:

Join us as we delve into the key elements of the employee experience, from recruitment to day-to-day interactions, and uncover how organizations can create an environment where employees truly thrive, with the insights of Rachel Cupples.

⭐ HR: The Umbrella Concept.

⭐ Rachel’s Top Tools: Textio to Prelude.

⭐ Candidate Experience: Your Employer Brand’s Backbone.

⭐ Sourcing & Value Prop: Hiring Essentials.

⭐ Embrace Feedback: Glassdoor & Beyond.

⭐ Human Touch in Candidate Experience.

⭐Prioritizing Candidate Feedback as a Recruiter.

Prepare to delve into the importance of a human-centric approach to candidate and employee experiences in the workplace in our upcoming fifth episode of the Recruiting Revolution Podcast! 🎉🎙️

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