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Android Developer Job Description Template

This Android Developer Job description gives you an outline of the main duties and responsibilities of this job. It can be used to streamline the selection process and receive a high number of applicants who are best suited for this position.

Job Brief :

We are looking for a passionate Android developer who can develop the new generation android applications and help us attract our target audience. The candidate would require to develop applications for a vast number of diverse Android devices and their integration with the back-end services. You will work closely with the technical team and the engineers. You should have complete knowledge of the Android operating system and its functionalities. The ideal candidate should possess competency in a mainstream programming language and keen interest to push technologies to the limits.

Responsibilities :

  • Design as well as build reusable and reliable Java code.
  • Develop applications suitable for a vast set of diverse android devices.
  • Assure the privacy and security of user’s data.
  • Ensure that the applications developed, adhere to the company’s policies and standards.
  • Proofread the code and ensure the correction of mistakes before release.
  • Collaborate with the other designers and software testers to make the app look presentable and ensure the orderly working of the app.
  • Consider all the reviews and identify areas of improvement.
  • Design application updates over the period of time.
  • Test the application, detect bugs and ensure the resolution of all the bugs before release.
  • Go through the trending applications in the market and implement new technologies accordingly to increase efficiency.

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering and other related fields.
  • Proven experience as an android developer.
  • Basic knowledge of all versions of Android and Android SDK.
  • Deep knowledge of data sources and APIs.
  • Understanding of Google’s Android design principles and guidelines.
  • Awareness of trending technologies in the market.
  • Excellent teamwork spirit, time management, and communication skills.
  • Working experience in JSON, AJAX, etc would be preferable.

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Android Developer Job Description FAQs :

The range falls anywhere between $64k/year and $140k/year. Yet, a Quality Assurance Engineer might expect $96k/year(on average) in the United States as their salary.

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Following are the advantages of an Android Application –

  1. A large number of potential customers
  2. Customized profitable apps
  3. Google support
  4. Highly competent & functional
  5. Feature-rich & user-friendly

Following are the best Android Development Tools used in the industry –

  1. Android Studio
  2. ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
  3. AVD Manager
  4. Eclipse
  5. Fabric
  6. FlowUp
  7. Gradle
  8. IntelliJ IDEA

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