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Job brief:

We are looking for a System Security Engineer for our organization. The candidate mainly has to take care of the security of the computer systems and networks. You will also have to identify the security requirements and design efficient computer security framework. You are expected to come up with innovative technical tools and solutions to protect the system. Preparing well detailed reports including the findings in assessment and outcomes is also majorly your responsibility.

The ideal candidate must have expertise in the security field and should enjoy the security management work.


  • Engineer, establish and monitor security measures to secure the computer systems, information and networks.
  • Determine the security requirements of the system.
  • Designed the framework of computer security and develop accurate cyber security designs.
  • Prepare standard operating procedures as well as protocols and document them.
  • Configure the security infrastructure devices for the organization and resolve any issue that arises in between.
  • Work on automating the daily security tasks within the organization.
  • Come up with new technical security tools and solutions in order to reduce vulnerability of the system.
  • Keep the company aware about possibly all the security incidents.
  • Prepare a detailed report of this system security enhancement.


  • Bachelors degree in computer science or other related courses.
  • Proven experience as a System Security Engineer or in other relevant roles.
  • Experience with security system development and maintenance.
  • Good knowledge of database and operating system security.
  • Working experience with security system, firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection systems, etc.
  • Knowledge of networking technologies, network security and monitoring.
  • Complete knowledge of current security protocols and techniques.
  • Family Parity with web applications, web services and other web related technologies.
  • Good problem solving skills.
  • Ability to handle workload and pressure.

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System Security Engineer Job Description FAQs:

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on an average a System Security Engineer on an entry-level earn about Rs. 1261L per year.

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