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Team Leader Job description Template

This Team Leader job description template includes the list of most important responsibilities and requirements of a Team Leader. It is fully customizable and ready to post on various job boards. You can use it to hire the best-qualified employees in minimum time.

Job Brief :

We are looking for a qualified Team Leader who can easily inspire, gain trust and respect of the team. His aim should be to enhance our team’s productivity & encourage production within the workspace.

The Team leader has the responsibility and authority to supervise, manage and motivate team members to generate better results and achieve greater milestones.

As a Team Leader, you will be responsible for establishing healthy communication amongst teams. You should also have the ability to resolve all conflicts emerging within the team.

You have to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your team members and should be able to utilize the resources. Your motive should be to lead the team in a way that you can achieve all your goals or the company’s goal.


  • Creating an environment that encourages the members to work smarter.
  • Good interaction with each team member.
  • Setting greater and clearer goals.
  • Utilizing resources by assigning them proper work according to their skill set.
  • Setting deadlines for every task.
  • Supervising day to day work.
  • Monitoring overall team performance and maintaining a report.
  • Constantly keeping team members motivated to deliver their best.
  • Discovering scopes for training or skill upgrade.
  • Considering all feedback and make amendments accordingly.
  • Encouraging creativity at the workplace by providing the team members their fair share of freedom.


  • Proven work experience as a Team Leader.
  • Good knowledge of MS Excel and other productivity tools.
  • Good communication skills and decision-making abilities.
  • Time management and organizational skills.
  • A degree in management will be an added advantage.

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Frequently asked questions

Posting this Job Description on multiple job boards such as JobomasJora and CareerJet helps achieve great results. Using an Applicant Tracking System can result in an overall better hiring experience. Recooty is one such ATS that allows posting jobs to more than 20+ job sites at one go.

Although salaries are a function of location and years of experience, a Team Leader might cost anywhere between $30k and $70k.

An effective team leader should be good at decision-making, coaching, mentoring, developing the team’s skills and resolving conflicts. Acquiring these important team leader skills is a continuous affair that requires constant learning & regular exercise of those learnings. Here is how day to day activities of a Team Leader may look like –

  1. Coach team members
  2. Develop team strengths and improve weaknesses
  3. Identify team goals and evaluate team progress
  4. Resolve conflicts
  5. Organize team initiatives
  6. Encourage creativity at the workplace
  7. Bring the best out of teammates by great leadership
  8. Identify resources and utilize them efficiently

Team Leaders are drop-dead optimistic people who are voraciously competent yet never forget to stay humble. These less talking, more listening kind of professionals are master delegators and lead by example instead of bossing around the office. Such people make for good referees who resolve conflicts like a pro while everyone listens. They are like ‘RedBull’ when it comes to creativity, always giving you wings!

“There where are teams, there are Team Leaders.”Almost every industry under the sun needs Team Leaders!

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