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You can use this template or alter as per the use case, but make sure you use affirmative tone and a sense of excitement in your email while sharing the happiest news.

What Internal Promotion offer means?

Instead of hiring externally, the company recognizes the skills, experience, and potential of an individual within its current workforce and promotes them to a new job role with more responsibilities and often a higher level of authority

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Email Template for Internal Promotion offer

Subject: Exciting News – Your Promotion Opportunity 🚀  

Hi [Recipient’s Name],  

I hope this email finds you well and thriving. I wanted to share some fantastic news with you – there’s an exciting opportunity for growth within our team, and your name is right at the top of the list!  

We’ve been keeping a close eye on your stellar performance and dedication to [mention specific achievements or projects], and it’s clear that your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. As a result, we’re thrilled to extend an internal promotion opportunity to you for the [Job Title] position.  

This new role comes with [mention any additional responsibilities, benefits, or perks], and we believe it aligns perfectly with your skills and aspirations. We’re confident that you’ll bring your unique talents to the table and continue to make a significant impact on our team.

I’d love to discuss this further with you at your earliest convenience.

How about grabbing a coffee or scheduling a quick chat? We can delve into the details, address any questions you might have, and ensure this transition is as smooth as possible.

Congratulations again, [Recipient’s Name]! We’re looking forward to seeing you shine in this new role.


[Your Name]

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