Overcome Your Recruiting Challenges In 2022

Did you know that according to a report, 63% of employers say it is difficult to fill positions, and 31% of hirers say they have open positions that they cannot fill? So, hiring, in this day and age, is very challenging. In fact, it is getting more so with remote and leaner teams and restricted budgets. So, let’s take a look at how you can overcome your recruiting challenges in 2022.

The pandemic has changed the way hiring works and will probably continue to do so for more upcoming years. In today’s changing economy, companies are looking for ways to expand. However, they are having a hard time finding the skilled talent they need to grow. Recruiters across various industries and businesses of all sizes are battling with these recruitment challenges.

So, we have taken the initiative to analyze the recruitment scenario and identify the top 5 challenges you are going to face in the year 2022. Without much ado, here is how you can overcome your recruiting challenges in 2022.

Challenge 1: Your Job Post Attracts Irrelevant Audience

Well, we can’t say for sure if this is the most common challenge faced by recruiters or not, but we’ve certainly heard a lot about this. Often, attracting the right candidates to your job post can be extremely challenging.

This can be due to various reasons. Maybe, your forms are too lengthy, which leaves your candidates disinterested. Or, maybe your job post doesn’t state your requirements clearly. Or numerous other reasons.

In either case, the primary goal should be ensuring a positive candidate experience. You can opt for AI-powered recruitment software that enables resume parsing, or help you create a responsive web page.

Also, a great recruitment practice is to have clarity about the requirements in your job ads. Your clarity reflects in the candidate’s ability to perceive the job and hence reduces irrelevant applications.

Challenge 2: Starting The Recruitment Process From Scratch

The recruitment process is no cakewalk. It is a long and comprehensive process with a lot of stages involved. So, imagine the scenario, where you have gone through the entire hiring process, finally, hired the perfect candidate, and the hired employee decides not to join your company. Or, suppose you have to hire for the same job post a few months later.

What do you do? Do you start your hiring process from the scratch? The answer is a big NO!

This is exactly why you need to invest in recruitment software. With efficient recruitment software, you can efficiently reduce your time to hire and hence cost-per-hire. A recruitment software like Recooty will simplify the recruitment process and speed up your hiring effectively.

Challenge 3: Employee Safety

We are just a couple of months away from 2022, which is three years apart from 2019. The year 2019, and this cannot be stressed enough, was a very challenging one for everyone around the globe. Millions and billions of people, employees, and different industries went remote to keep themselves safe and up and running. It’s going to be three years, things are improving, but employee safety still remains the top priority for companies.

Speaking of the recruiting world, the complete recruitment process is now remote for most companies. However, some companies are opening up to deploy hybrid workspaces. The pandemic situation is still quite risky.

So, employee safety is definitely going to remain one of the top-of-mind retail challenges in the years to come. So, recruiters and HR personnel need to stay on their toes and conduct regular research and implement updated safety measures accordingly. This will protect both employees’ and customers’ health and wellbeing.

Challenge 4: Sourcing And Engaging Quality Candidates

With the pandemic slowly fading away and employees going back to work, the recruitment market is going to be fiercely competitive. Amidst such a situation, sourcing and engaging quality candidates is going to be a big challenge for recruiters.

It is of prime importance to the right and qualified candidates. And after having done that, it is even more important to keep your precious candidates engaged throughout your entire recruiting process.

The key to building a healthy, engaging recruitment process is to build a powerful employer brand. Your candidates need to want to be a part of your organization.

You can build a strong employer brand by doing minimal things like being courteous and attentive to your candidates. Share the stories of your present and past employees. These small measures taken can go a long way.

Challenge 5: Ensuring A Good Candidate Experience

The pandemic has changed the way we work drastically. The idea of a workplace that we had before the pandemic is entirely different than what it is now. Even with many companies returning to offices, nothing beats the good old office fun that your employees used to have pre-COVID.

So, in a nutshell, ensuring a good candidate experience is going to be a challenging task, both for present employees, as well as new hires.

A good candidate experience is as important as having a good employer brand. With the entire recruitment process being remote, not communicating accurately with your candidates can leave them confused and stressed. So, it is important to set expectations and communicate adequately with your candidates.

In A Nutshell..

We did some research and we feel the above challenges are going to be the most prominent in the upcoming year. Having said that, it is also a fact that these aren’t going to be the only challenges. There are going to be more.

With Recooty, you can be prepared and armored, face and overcome all these challenges. Get Recooty today and have a happy, smooth hiring journey!

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