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A recruiter’s North Star is undeniably the company’s careers page. You post job ads on various platforms like Linkedin, Indeed, Monster, or other platforms to attract and source candidates surfing online across the world. Yet, without fail, the ultimate landing page for job seekers is your careers page.

This shows, how important it is to build a career page that not only looks presentable, and portrays spectacular work culture but also includes all the company information lik

  • Job openings
  • Company overview
  • Benefits & perks
  • Company values & culture
  • Other roles available

Your career page should reflect your brand identity in a way that looks promising. This is your opportunity to make a memorable first impression on potential candidates.

The one thing that a job seeker notices while surfing your career page is that if the company is a great place to work or not and they should be attracted to apply for that particular job opening.

With this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you to the first step to attracting top talent. Let’s dive deeper.

1. Best Practices To Build A Branded Careers Page

As HR professionals and recruiter, a branded company career page is an asset That is why you need to double down on the best practices that resonates with your target audience and upholds your organization’s brand identity. Here are the expert-guided best practices.

1. Embed your brand identity

Candidates might find it challenging to discern one company from another while job search. After all, every organization claims to be a great place to work, right? To cut through the marketing noise and get a genuine feel for a company, job seekers lookout for uniqueness.

Just like a photo or video can tell a story, a company’s brand identity reveals its true character. Are they formal and buttoned-up, or are they laid-back and creative? Does their branding suggest innovation, tradition, or community?

For instance, consider Pani Global their career page isn’t filled with jargon; it showcases the company’s essence. Through the choice of colors, fonts, and overall design, you can sense a commitment to innovation and a progressive culture. These design elements speak to the company’s identity and the type of environment they’ve create

They have created their career page using Recooty’s no-code platform to highlight their brand’s vision, values, company culture, reasons to work there, and open positions. They have pretty masterfully worked using minimal design and color palettes.

2. Be the Storyteller of your own brand​

As the saying goes, “seeing is believing.” Job seekers are naturally drawn to positive and engaging aspects of a company’s culture, when they see visuals at your career page such as social gatherings, conferences attended, celebrations, and even a little love note for your own product or services. These elements, when presented in high-quality visuals, can make your company stand out and are a crucial best practice when crafting a career page.

Every organization is a collection of individuals, each with their own unique personality. These visual elements, the photos and videos, are powerful tools that communicate the essence and character of the company to you, the job seeker. They give you an unvarnished look behind the scenes.

Recooty’s own company career page also includes customer testimonials from clients who are using Recooty’s company career page builder for years. Testimonials are featured beautifully at the beneath of our careers page.

3. Choose automation & customization wherever possible​

HR and recruiters often find themselves spending precious time manually updating job listings. This not only consumes valuable hours but can also lead to errors and outdated information. Auto-updating open roles solves this issue by ensuring that the latest job openings are always displayed on the career page.

Recooty’s auto-updating open roles feature ensures that your career page is always up to date. No more manually adding, editing, or removing job listings. When a new role opens, it’s automatically posted; when a position is filled, it’s promptly removed. Candidates can browse your career page confident that they’re viewing the latest job openings.

Application forms can be configured to collect specific data relevant to each role. This structured approach ensures that you receive consistent, actionable information. Plus, automation tools can store and categorize applicant data efficiently, making it readily accessible when needed.


  • Automated responses to applications,
  • Acknowledgments, and
  • Updates on the hiring process can be set up.

4. Choose SEO-friendly career page builder

An SEO-friendly career page is a golden nugget, it makes easier for job seekers to find your job openings. By optimizing your content with relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and structured data, your career page can soar through Google’s rankings, ensuring it’s one of the first results candidates see when they search for positions in your industry.

With Recooty’s branded SEO-friendly career page builder, your website will

  • load faster,
  • mobile-responsive, and
  • offer a smooth navigation experience

5. Practice Strong Branding

Hosting your career page on a custom domain ensures a consistent and strong brand presence. Your organization’s name is front and center. With Recooty’s customization feature and free custom domain hosting you have the freedom to design and structure the page as you see fit, aligning it precisely with your brand identity.

Qwak integrated Recooty’s widget into their career page and showcased job openings on their official website. (Hosted free by Recooty) They customized the design of the career page and aligned it with the brand identity. Qwak used ATS capabilities to track and find the right candidates according to the job openings. The implementation process was quick, took less than two minutes, and no coding was required.

  • load faster,
  • mobile-responsive, and
  • offer a smooth navigation experience
  • Pull in the Right Candidates:Recooty’s got this knack for grabbing the attention of the exact candidates you’re after. It’s like a talent magnet, drawing in candidates  whose qualifications and skills align perfectly with your job openings.
  • Applications Made Easy:

    The career page’s design? Super user-friendly. It’s all about making the application process a breeze for potential candidates. And guess what? Recooty doesn’t stop there. It’s armed with advanced features to keep applicants engaged throughout the hiring process.

  • ATS Superpowers:

    Recooty isn’t just a career page builder; it’s got some serious ATS capabilities. Think tracking, assessing, and managing candidates like a pro. It sorts out the cream of the crop, making your hiring process a well-oiled machine.

  • Save Time & Money:

    Ever heard of a superhero that slashes time and cost per hire by a whopping 70%? Recooty’s got that power. With automation, smart candidate sorting, and an optimized hiring process, it’s a time and cost-saving champion.

Frequently asked questions

A Branded Company Careers Page is a customized webpage showcasing a company’s job openings, culture, and values to attract potential candidates.

It helps create a positive employer brand, provides insights into company culture, and attracts top talent by presenting a compelling and consistent image.

It typically includes job listings, information about company culture, employee testimonials, benefits, and details about the application process.

It serves as a powerful recruitment tool by conveying a strong employer brand, making the company more appealing to prospective candidates.

By offering transparent information, showcasing the company’s personality, and providing easy navigation, it enhances the overall candidate experience.

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