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TikTok is a social platform filled with fun and exciting videos to get you fully entertained. On TikTok, creators make dance, music, and other types of videos. But it doesn’t mean it’s limited to entertainment only.

Many professionals are sharing their knowledge and know-how about their field including HR influencers. There are many HR and leadership professionals or influencers who share informative videos with a fun element.

We have curated a list of top HR influencers on Tiktok just for you. Check out the list of the top 20 HR influencers to follow on TikTok to learn about the new human resources trends, knowledge, tips, and more.


Top 20 HR Influencers to Follow on TikTok:

1. Shadé Z.

Shadé Zahrai is an Award-Winning Performance Specialist, Behavioral Strategist, and TEDx Speaker. With her 10 years of experience in the corporate world, she’s helping business professionals in building a success mindset and self-belief for themselves. Shadé is sharing valuable content related to personal development tips on TikTok for working professionals.

She was named among the top 5 speakers by Spice News & Magazines, and Content Creator of the Year by Adweek. Along with many achievements she was also featured in famous publications like New York Times, The Daily Mail, and Yahoo.

Follow shadezahrai on TikTok

2. Leigh Elena Henderson

Leigh Elena Henderson also known as HRManifesto is an HR executive, Keynote Speaker, and Career Coach. She is highly skilled in HR transformation and strategy & leadership development. 

Leigh is the person behind the hrmanifesto account on TikTok with more than 550k followers. Some of her videos are witty and in some videos, she shares her thoughts on recruitment and human resources topics. Recently she was featured as a Top HR Voice on TikTok in Financial Times.

Follow hrmanifesto on TikTok

3. Job Doctor Tessa

Tessa White is an HR professional who has more than 20 years of on-field experience. In Fortune 50 companies, start-ups, and mid-sized companies she has effectively led human resources. 

She has a big account on TikTok which is a big hub of knowledge and experience which empowers people to flawlessly navigate their careers. Tessa was featured on many TV channels where she presented her invaluable advice.

Follow jobdoctortessa on TikTok

4. Madeline Mann

When it comes to helping recruiters HR professionals and job seekers to move ahead in their careers, selfmademillenial’s commitment can’t be questioned. She is an HR & Recruiting leader and a Career Coach who has a popular TikTok account. She regularly posts content for recruiters, HRs, and job seekers.

Madelyn has been featured by well-known publications such as New York Times, Bloomberg, and many others. To get familiar with her experience in the human resources industry, check out her awesome account on TikTok.

Follow selfmademillennial on TikTok

5. Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a highly experienced professional in the tech field. He has worked in a variety of companies and top-level positions including VP of Human Resources at Microsoft. His immense experience and grip on human resources allow him to share valuable insights. 

He is now passionately assisting not only businesses but also job seekers and employees on relevant topics. His videos have a serious tone that completely justifies the issues he picks. Chris’s TikTok handle has 185.6k followers and 1.7 million likes.

Follow theclwill on TikTok

6. #HRQUEEN™️ | Corporate Mentor

On the HR Queen’s TikTok profile, managers and leaders get some valuable tips and knowledge about leadership. Jha’nee owns a consulting firm The HR Queen Consulting where she provides consulting services for employers and coaching for job seekers and employees. On her TikTok handle, she creates educational and sometimes humorous videos for employers and employees.

Follow _thehrqueen on TikTok

7. Daniel Space | HR

Another top TikTok handle to get yourself more familiarized with the ins and outs of the HR domain. Daniel Space is a senior HR Business Partner with 17+ years of experience in tech, media, and entertainment companies. He has completed her Master’s in Human Resources Management from Manhattanville College in New York. 

He really likes to let human resources professionals unlock their true potential with his helpful content. Daniel actively posts great content around human resources, talent acquisition, and a variety of other topics. Also, he addresses the questions asked by people to progress in their careers. Sometimes he shares some funny satirical videos as well.

Follow dan_from_hr on TikTok

8. Manager Method

Looking for some good advice on leadership and management? In that case, you should check out Ashley Herd’s Manager Method TikTok account. In her TikTok videos, she posts informational videos beneficial for recruiters, HR professionals, employees, and job seekers. 

Ashley has a strong background as an HR leader and lawyer. She puts her main focus on working with companies on their human resources and employment law. Ashley has worked as a lawyer in big firms like McKinsey and Yum! Brands. Apart from this, she has also experience as General Counsel and Head of HR in Modern Luxury. 

Follow managermethod on TikTok

9. Dr. Kim Hires

She is among the top hr influencers who are making impressive videos for HR professionals on TikTok. Dr. Kim is a Leadership Burnout Coach, Author, Speaker, and Podcaster. Dr. Kim has worked in some of the top US firms such as the National Institutes of Health and Johns Hopkins University.

After she faced burnout herself in 2014, she started a mission to make every company across the globe to be burnout proof. She makes her content mostly about preventing and dealing with burnout in the workplace. Additionally, she likes to speak about the trending topics in HR and give her ideas about the same. Check out her TikTok account to get to know what’s happening in and around the human resources domain.

Follow drkimhires on TikTok

10. Veronica Sargeant

Veronica Sargeant is an HR leader in the Fintech space who has worked in HR roles in different sectors including hospitality, manufacturing, and FMCG. Through her agency’s (peopleculturecollective) TikTok account she posts about employee turnovers, burnouts, recruiter’s mental health, and much more.

She specializes in team development, talent management, and DE&I initiatives. Veronica helped organizations in developing workforce capability, staff engagement, and leadership development.

Follow peopleculturecollective on TikTok


Many influencers who work in the HR sector are leveraging TikTok to share their knowledge and experience with others. Among the top HR influencers on TikTok is Vicky HR | Your HR Friend. Her videos will give HR professionals important tips on many topics relevant to HR. Vicky’s videos educate and entertain at the same time in a unique way. 

There isn’t much information about the creator on the internet but her content receives great engagement on TikTok. She likes to mentor job seekers and employees as well. To learn some HR-related practical advice, techniques, information, and much more, do check out her TikTok handle. 

Follow Vicky | Your HR Friend on TikTok

12. HR Molly

HR Molly is a leadership coach and an HR influencer who is actively sharing her knowledge about human resources on TikTok. Information about this HR influencer is unknown to the internet. 

Nevertheless, she is now helping organizations to create a better workplace for the employees and take care of their people. She believes in empowering employees and also directing them in the right direction for their career growth.

Follow hr_molly on TikTok

13. Morgan Gobart

Morgan Gobart is an HR partner who provides her services for digital marketing and creative agencies. She has a strong background in full-lifecycle recruitment, HR/change management, and organizational development. She organized numerous mentoring and development programs on the latest trends and business needs. 

On TikTok, she answers queries asked by HRs and recruiters in her videos. Additionally, she regularly publishes engaging videos filled with her knowledge and experience in the HR domain. Some of her posts are dedicated to guiding job seekers and professionals toward their career growth.

Follow morganwithpolish on TikTok

14. Ashlee Love

Ashlee is a human resource professional who makes amazing content around human resources. With her fantastic videos, she shares her insights on trending HR and recruiting-related topics. 

Millennial HR Gal focuses on helping HR professionals deal with everyday problems and telling them tips for achieving career growth. The number of followers and engagement on her TikTok posts shows how helpful and good her content is. 

Follow millennial_hr_gal on TikTok

15. Your Human Resources Bestie

Take some time out of your schedule and watch videos of Hanner The Hr Lady which will completely entertain you. Your Human Resources Bestie does not reveal much about herself on the internet.

Apart from her job position (Head of HR) and where she lives (New Jersey), other details about her are unavailable. In her TikTok videos, you will see a satirical approach to the HR professional’s life. 

Follow hanner_the_hr_lady on TikTok

16. Nikki Jaskiewicz

Nikki Jaskiewicz’s TikTok account, nikkijazzzz has really interesting and fun-to-watch videos. She is a Senior Talent Acquisition Project Manager at LinkedIn who has completed her studies in Human Resources at the University of Mount Union. 

With her impeccable experience in recruiting, she guides recruiters and hiring managers in finding the best talent. Follow her to keep yourself updated on different HR-related topics and trends.

Follow nikkijazzzz on TikTok

17. Jess Miller

Another popular account popular among people in HR on TikTok is Jess’s workologyblog. In her videos, she covers topics like HR tech, recruitment, company culture, and employee retention. She also likes to clear the doubts, queries, and misconceptions of job seekers often.

Jess is a workplace trainer, speaker, and HR professional guiding her fellow professionals in the HR space. Major publications like Fast Company, HR Magazine, and The Economist have interviewed her to know her insights on crucial subjects.

Follow workologyblog on TikTok

18. Recruit Scootin’ Boogie

She has a special ability to share important information about recruitment and HR covered under satire. Her videos will come to rescue you from the boredom of day-to-day HR life. You can get an idea of how engaging her videos are from the 450k likes she received only in 5 months.

Follow recruitscootinboogie on TikTok

19. Chris O’Connell

Chris is chiefly a business coach sharing his valuable knowledge on managing a company and its people. He makes videos on leadership, talent retention, creating a healthy workplace, and many such subjects. Chris also runs a podcast named The Purpose-Led Leadership Podcast which is focused primarily on leadership.

Follow chrisoconnellcoach on TikTok

19. Chris O’Connell

Chris is chiefly a business coach sharing his valuable knowledge on managing a company and its people. He makes videos on leadership, talent retention, creating a healthy workplace, and many such subjects. Chris also runs a podcast named The Purpose-Led Leadership Podcast which is focused primarily on leadership.

Follow chrisoconnellcoach on TikTok

20. thepeopleexperiencehub

In this list, The People Experience Hub is among the top TikTok accounts which are sharing informational content for HRs. The People Experience Hub is a software platform made for taking employee feedback. 

The company’s team members are now educating human resources professionals. She talks about various topics such as improving employee experience, engagement in the workplace, and employee well-being via some humorous videos. Do check this account to see their great insights.

Follow thepeopleexperiencehub on TikTok

Conclusion for Top 20 HR Influencers to Follow on TikTok:

In conclusion, we recommend you to visit the TikTok handles of these top 20 HR influencers to follow on TikTok to learn their outlook. All of these influencers have practically worked in the field and have years of experience.

Their ideas will let you know the current scenario of the human resources domain. Understanding the need of employees, building future strategies, and planning things accordingly will become easy with their knowledge.

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