5 Most Common Recruitment Myths

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Recruitment is an intricate and critical part of any company. It is an evolving process with lots of uncertainties and involves lots of moving parts. The demand and supply chain of talents and the work environment keeps changing all the time. So, to survive and sustain in this agile world, recruiters need to adopt the best recruitment strategies and avoid all the recruiting myths that are bound to arise. So, to help you clear your mind, in this post we’re going to bust the 5 most common recruitment myths.

Today’s recruitment scenario is all about candidates. According to a study, 75% of recruiters experienced their candidates changing their minds about taking a job. Although most companies today do understand the value of their candidates, some still cling to the orthodox tips and myths that drove the recruitment industry a decade ago. There are many myths still prevalent among recruiters that are misleading and can derail any recruitment process.

Undoubtedly, today’s recruiting world is very high-paced, tech-driven, and agile. To keep up, recruiters need to steer clear of any old, outdated notions and myths and keep themselves updated. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have uncovered the top 5 most common recruitment myths for you and ways of how to avoid them. Stay tuned and keep reading to know more!


A lot of recruiters seem to think that the only thing they need to focus on is drafting a great job description to fetch valued talents. The truth is, its is one of the greatest myth or misconception any recruiter can ever have. While a great job description is one of the first and most important steps in hiring, it is not the only thing that matters when it comes to bagging great talents.

A LinkedIn research states that while 15% of employees are satisfied with their jobs, 25 % are looking to switch. This means a major chunk of great talent out there aren’t seeking jobs actively. They won’t surf through job boards or employment websites, so they probably won’t even get to see your job description. That’s why recruiters need to move their priorities to social media recruiting and create a firm presence and employer brand.


Most companies make the mistake of assuming that the right and perfect employee is out there. The ideal employee who fits into each and every requirement mentioned in the job descriptions, who has answers to each and every question of the employer. They just need to keep looking and wait it out.

As great as it is to believe this, the truth is that even if such a perfect candidate exists, he or she might not be even seeking a job! Smart hiring practices combined with leadership and development training can make up for the traded qualities and help employers find a good fit. There’s simply no point in dragging on the hiring process for someone who might not even exist.


Social media recruiting is no more a trend in today’s recruitment world. It is on its way to becoming a necessity for modern employers. More employers are giving importance to social recruitment in their hiring strategies. But, some are also under the impression that social media has reduced the relevance and importance of job boards.

The truth is, job boards and career pages are still the first places that job seekers visit. So, instead of underestimating job boards and job sites isn’t such a great idea. Recruiters should look at social recruiting as an additional aid to job sites and job boards. They need to put in efforts to both the hiring platforms.


Technology has revolutionized and transitioned the recruitment industry. It is a fact that simply cannot be denied. So, the recruitment industry has embraced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, and automation with open arms. However, this has led many employers to believe that these emerging technologies will completely replace recruiters one day.

As a recruiter, you shouldn’t be worried at all! Sure, automation tools like ATS and recruitment software have automated a lot of tasks involved in recruiting. But, in reality, they are far from replacing an actual, human recruiter. Effective human communication and the emotional quotient will always remain the essential elements for any task carried out in hiring the right person.


Employers are usually under the misconception that most of their candidates are desperate for a job and will settle for less salary offered. You will offer salary according to your choice and market standards, ofcourse. However, it is important to remember that the best talent that you want to hire are in high demand as your competitors want them too.

In all the chaos of negotiating, recruiters should remember that their ultimate goal id to hire the talented individual. So, it’s always a good idea to assume that your candidates will definitely know their market value and offer them salary that make them stay.

These are the top 5 most common recruitment myths that needed to be busted according to the experts in our team. So, we hope you keep these in mind the next time you’re hunting for your perfect employee. Happy hiring! 🙂

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