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career page is practically your personal pitch to your future employees. So, having a career page can benefit you in many ways. They can be an effective tool to find potential candidates, deliver the company’s information, and improve your employer brand. An optimized careers page can attract top talent and builds your employer brand. Here is a guide on how to create a career page that converts.

Why Do You Need A Career Page?

To put it simply, a career page is a page on your company’s website where you share all your hiring requirements, vacant roles, and the necessary information about your company. So, a career page is the ultimate source for you to hire great talent and also build a great employer brand. However, as important as it is to have a career page, it is also important to have an effective career page.

A career page is a significant part of a company’s website. Statistically speaking 95% of applicants visit the company’s career page before applying for the job. This is because candidates prefer knowing about the company’s culture and working environment before they even apply for a job. Sharing about your company, its culture, and employee feedback can help you plenty in recruiting the top talent as well. 

Recruiting the top talent is surely a priority, but a career page is helpful in many ways.

1. They Attract Visitors

A career page can help increase traffic on your website. Having an optimized career page with engaging graphics and videos can increase the traffic on your website. Traffic can help you in finding talented candidates as well. 

2. They Attract Potential candidates

A career page play an important role when it comes to recruitment. Every candidate visits your career page before applying.

Job opportunities at your company, your current employees and how they feel about working at your company. They look for all this information on your career page. You need to share all this information on your career page to attract potential candidates.

3. Employer Brand

So far we have mentioned plenty of times how significant a career page is to your employer brand. It enables you to share all the information about your company that can improve your employer brand. It is the perfect place to showcase how great your company is. All the information you put on your career page helps in developing trust with your applicants, customers, and new visitors.

All of the reasons mentioned above are exactly why you need a career page. So, you’ve created and put together an awesome career page. Now what? How do you make sure that the talents visiting your career page actually go on and fill out the job application? Well, here are a bunch of tips for you to create a career page that converts.

How To Create A Career Page That Converts

Draft Great Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the very first thing that your career page visitors will check out when they apply for a job through it. On average, it takes only 60 seconds for a candidate to decide whether a job description is a good fit or not. So, to make sure your career page visitors convert into your employees, the first step you need to take is to draft good job descriptions. Make sure that the job descriptions are short, simple, and convey the right tone and information.

Optimize Your Application Filling Process

With the digitization of the entire hiring process, candidates now want application forms that are quick to fill and easy to complete. However, as a recruiter, you also need to make sure that the application forms give you rich information about your candidates. So, in order to maintain the balance between easy-to-fill application forms, and yet giving you complete information about the candidate, you need to make sure of a few things. The first thing you can do is automate the form-filling process. This can be done by extracting significant information like personal details, work experience, and education history from the uploaded resume. This way your candidates will save a lot of time. And also you’ll get all the necessary information you need.

Optimize Your Career Page For Mobile

An important thing to remember is to make your career page mobile-friendly. Most job seekers today are using their mobiles to search and apply for jobs. So, you can provide a lite mode for mobile users to make their search easy. Use mobile-friendly graphics and videos to improve the functioning of your career page. Search is mostly done by phones these days as it’s easy and convenient. A mobile-friendly career page will smoothen the hiring process and flow of job applications for candidates. Using a phone-friendly website can help with the easy and smooth functioning of your website.

Flaunt Your Company’s Culture

Your career page is the perfect platform for you to flaunt your company’s culture. Your candidates should want to work for you. So, you need to exhibit the culture of your company in the best way possible. To do so, you must share the journey of your company, perks, and benefits your company offers to its employees. Share about company culture, real pictures of your office and your team. Mention any awards that your company might have received and include an ’employee value proposition’. Sharing this information on your career page is will help in building trust and belief in your company of applicants, customers, and other visitors.

Share Employee Testimonials

Including employees and customers testimonials is yet another way that helps in improving your employer brand. Employee testimonials create a positive image of your company. This gives the new candidates an idea of how well they might fit in your company. So, employee testimonials are important to build a positive image of your company. It helps in appreciating your current employees and also helps in boosting the motivation of new applicants. Customer feedback helps in building trust with the future or possible customers.

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