10 Tips To Write The Perfect Job Description

Employees are the backbone of any organization. So, recruiting perfect candidates for your company becomes exceptionally crucial. Talking about the current time, the whole work scenario is undergoing a significant transition. The current COVID 19 pandemic has forced many companies to shift their workforce into remote work. Work is becoming remote for many companies and employees all around the world. So, amidst such situations, hiring top talent faster is quite tough. However, even with such challenging situations, hiring hasn’t stopped. Your Job Description is what will make you stand out from your competitors. But is your job description good enough to attract the perfect candidate for you? If you think it is, then surely you must go through this article and cross-check your job description. We have got 10 awesome tips to write the perfect job description enlisted for you.

Great talent is what sets your company apart from your competitors. An awesome job description is the most essential thing that you need to attract genuinely talented and skilled candidates. A job description is as important for any employer as a resume is to a job seeker. An ideal job description should provide a road-map for the potential candidates, explaining effectively what exactly the job demands. So, it is of utmost importance that you have just the perfect job descriptions for your company.

Tips To Write The Perfect Job Description

Here are 10 simple tips to write the perfect job description for you to hire the best talents out there.

Keep it simple clear and concise

A good job description has to perform a number of functions other than just mentioning the skills required. Often, most companies tend to mess up their job descriptions by making it too complicated. For instance, using fancy words like ‘rockstar’ in your job titles may seem fun and interesting. But it also leaves the candidate with an impact that the organizations have too high expectations. Also, too much extra details included are just the exact things that turn real skilled candidates off. According to some LinkedIn data, shorter job posts receive 8.4% more applications per view than average. Keep the sentences short and punchy and shorten paragraphs. Keeping your job description as simple and to-the-point as possible is a great step towards making your job description desirable. 

Be specific about skills and educational qualification required

Specifying the level of education you need for your employee is a ‘must-have’ for your job description. Deciding the skills and educational qualifications totally depends on you. However, whatever are your needs and requirements, you need to mention it exactly in your job description. Also, make sure you’re completely sure about the skills you need to have in your potential candidate. You need to draft your job description accordingly. Just list out the top 5 most important and relevant skills required and include them in it.

Make it interactive and innovative

Candidates on a job hunt spend a lot of their precious time surfing the internet, for the perfect job. Going over hundreds or sometimes even thousands of job descriptions which include the same old features become so much tedious for the candidates. In such a situation, you need to make your job description eye-catching and stand out from every other competitor in the same domain. So, you can always add innovative and creative touches like interesting graphics or maybe a video including hiring managers explaining the job. This can help you a lot in reaching out to potential candidates in a way no one has. 

Focus on details

Just as hiring managers of any organization judge a candidate by the details in his resume, in the same way, a candidate judges the firm on the basis of the tiniest details of a job description. According to some LinkedIn data, 61% of candidates say the salary range is the most important part of the job description, but don’t let it outshine the opportunity. Hence, to make a good impression of yours for the candidates, you need to focus on each and every detail of your job description. For instance, make sure the spelling and grammar of your job description content are correct and it does not involve phrases or details which are to cliche. 

Describe using bullets

Bullets are a great way to make any job description look systematic and easy to read for any candidate looking at your job description. Using bullets to put a lot of information, together in a concise manner also helps to remember each and every detail of the content easily. You can always use bullets for your job description to make it look interesting, systematic, and engage the potential candidate for a longer time. Using bullets for your job description and making the most important content the very first bullet can be really beneficial in enhancing your job description.  

Don’t make it scary

Most job descriptions often include an over-exaggerated list of requirements which can discourage quality candidates from applying. Of course, you would want to filter out the best of the candidates from the mass but just don’t overdo it. For instance,  if you include a ‘+5 years experience’ in your job description, it cuts off the chances for a candidate with 4 years of experience. Is it really required? You need to be really authentic about what you need exactly in your job description. 

Highlight your work environment

The work environment is one of the most important aspects a candidate looks up to while applying for a job. The basic details about the work environment like office’s location, is it noisy or quiet, will the candidate need to operate any certain equipment or not, all these should be included in a job description to enlighten the candidate of what is expected of them and also getting the perfect match for your needs. 

Think like Google

With the emergence of various online tools, most candidates will find your job opening using various simple job boards like Recooty or other career sites. Here, the human element of an effective job description is replaced by search engine logic. In this situation, you need to think like a search engine. So you need to make the elements of your job description easy and concise to make it easily searchable both for the search engine, as well as people looking for jobs on search engines   

Focus responsibility into growth

Don’t make your job description boring by listing a bunch of monotonous daily tasks. You would always want a potential employee to be super excited about your company and any transformation happening in the industry. To initiate and sustain this excitement, you should always explain how exactly the job would contribute to achieving the business goals, the potential for growth and advancements, and how the candidate’s individual accomplishments can contribute to the success of the company. Along with this, the scope of personal development through the job should also be pointed out and highlighted to satisfy the candidate’s drive for personal success.

Mention a gist of the daily routine

A candidate should know what is expected of him or her on a daily basis. You don’t need a candidate who can do the miracles in the future. But you need a candidate who performs and gives his best on a regular day and make each day count. Mentioning the day-to-day routine in a job description can help you get just the right candidate. It can get you someone who is ready to go through the normal process on a daily basis. And based on the day-today strategies can create an excellent future.

Drafting a job description can be tough in spite of all the care taken and tips followed. Don’t want to invest your time in job descriptions? Recooty understands that your time is valuable. That’s why we have built a library of perfectly drafted job descriptions that will help you catch the best talents and hire awesome employees. Go check them out right now!

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