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This article mentions the 10 best strategies to hire tech talent and explains them in detail. These techniques can be used to hire candidates for the tech roles effectively.

Hiring for technical jobs is a difficult task when you are not from a technical field and this could give rise to certain problems.

For example, it is difficult to prepare a list of the roles and responsibilities for a particular technical role, reach suitable candidates, etc.

Although the process might look difficult, however, it really isn’t. You need not worry about it as we are sharing the techniques that you can exercise while you start the recruiting process.

Not to worry, you are at the right place to get the solution for this issue.

Here are the 10 best strategies to hire tech talent:

1. Gather info about the roles and responsibilities

It can be difficult work to look for talent if you do not know about the job profile, in this case, “Tech Roles”.

So, the best thing you can do is to learn about the job position and skills necessary for the specific position you are recruiting. You can do this by simply using Google and enrolling yourself in one of the courses available on platforms like SkillShare. Do this so that you can know about the tech roles in depth. After this, you can find great talent and pitch these job roles to them. This will help you to recruit good candidates for these tech job roles.

2. Let tech professionals screen the candidates

Before you go out and start talking with the potential candidates consider letting them meet with the tech professionals. For example – engineers, network administrators, analysts, etc.

By this, the candidates will feel comfortable and confident as they are directly talking with the ones who are already working in the industry. They can discuss work-related queries with them and understand the whole spectrum of the job.

One more thing you can do is, calling the colleagues of the related department to be present in the interview process. It confirms that the interview process will be hassle-free and your colleagues will do the work-related discussions with the candidates.

3. Go for the referral network strategies to hire tech talent.

While recruiting candidates for the job roles, it is ideal to use your referral network. Now, what does it mean? It means communicating about the open positions with your colleagues, managers, and others who are working within the company.

Make them your helping hand in the recruitment process by including them in. Your colleagues might know people who have worked with them in the past and are open to the specified job roles. There is a high chance you will find the perfect fit for the openings.

First, talk with the engineers or tech professionals within the organization and then consider communicating with other people.

You can use the Talent Pool feature of the emerging Applicant Tracking System to include the candidates your colleagues referred and can arrange interviews with them.

4. Make connections with the tech community is also one of the best strategies to hire tech talent

Nowadays, people generally have accounts on social media platforms, including your potential employees. The best idea to find out the candidates for tech positions is to connect with the tech circle.

This simply implies that you need to look out for people related to the technical field on platforms like Stack Overflow, LinkedIn & Twitter. Search for the terms in these platforms related to the tech field and, you will hopefully find people related to that field.

After this, you need to connect with the right people and start having conversations with them to know about their past experiences. Now a new question arises that how will you decide who could be the right people?

It is simple to search for related topics on the web. You will hopefully find people tweeting or expressing their views on the topic on such platforms. Look for the ones who are making good points. Try to see if they are showing their relevant work experience on their profiles and connect with them.

Once you enter the circle, you can start looking for the ones that you think could be the best. Talk openly with them about the position your organization is offering and see if they’re interested.

If they are interested and ready to apply, then Congrats! You’ve done an excellent job!

5. Make friends with other recruiters

Of course, recruiters in the corporate space are your competitors, but this does not mean you can’t talk with them. Speak with other HR Professionals and make them your friend.

Recruiters who are looking for the same job role will have valuable information about whom to look for. Make an inquiry about the strategies that worked best for them in the recruitment process.

You can ask them about the job description that you made. There is a strong possibility that they know about the skills to look for in a candidate. You can discuss things like these with them.

Not only this, you can exchange your views and knowledge too. It will not only help you but them as well for planning & implementing various approaches for recruitment.

6. Organize local tech events

It is a good idea to organize tech events like competitions, workshops, meet-ups, & others, to attract talents that are available in your local area.

This will not only help to create your presence in the local tech community, but also you might find the best talents locally.

Why do this? The reason is simple: people love to be with those who share the same interests and are always ready to socialize with them. This will bring a lot of talented people to your doorstep. From these events, you can find the best talent out there in your local area.

7. Make improvements in your interview process

What does it mean? It means: especially for tech roles keep the interview short and to the point. Ask only relevant questions about the work they’re going to perform in the future.

This will not only save your time and effort but theirs too. It’s good for your company because when the candidate will interact with their friends they will tell them how good their interview experience was.

From this one thing is assured that they will spread positive words to other people in their area of work. In this case, it is — Tech.

8. Testing their technical skills is necessary

If you are not from a tech background it is difficult to test the technical skills and knowledge of the candidates. For this, you can opt for either online or offline skill assessment tests to check their tech skills.

Tech skills and knowledge are programming languages, analytical skills, knowledge about software programs, communication skills, and their working, etc.

There are various skills assessment tests available online via companies like TestGorilla through which you can test all the necessary skills.

9. Sell them the job position

Why do you think they are going to join your company instead of other companies? It is important that you must introduce them to the benefits they will get after joining your company. The pitch should be exciting and interesting at the same time.

Apart from telling them about the basic benefits come up with something unique. For example, inform them about how this job will be beneficial for their career with respect to increasing their skills and knowledge. Try to tell them how your company culture makes the job stress-free.

If you do this then, by listening to these benefits they will make the joining decision effortlessly knowing that it is good for them.

10. Leverage the power of Smart HR Tech Tools

Now that we are talking about recruiting for tech why leave the recruiting process tech-less? It is important to opt for digital solutions for recruitment. In these current times as the majority of the organizations are opting for automation in recruitment.

You can use Smart HR Tools like Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ATS is software that manages various tasks related to hiring like posting jobs and managing candidates.

Recooty is one of the companies which provides seamless Tech HR Solutions. Recooty’s cloud-based software is especially designed to provide a great digital recruitment experience.

Summing up the best strategies to hire tech talent

So, these are the 10 best strategies to hire tech talent. Based on these recruiting techniques you can make the hiring process smooth. Also, it manages to check all the necessary boxes to make the hiring process effective & efficient.

We hope this article will be helping you recruit for Technical Roles.

Best of luck! Happy Recruiting!

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