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It’s time to take a moment and applaud a profession that makes a business’s profits and productivity skyrocket. Yes, you are right, that’s Human Resources! Without this, no organization can sustain itself because professionals in this field manage the core of their business, its people. On International HR Day, we are going to highlight the efforts of the HRs made and bring them to the fore to thank them wholeheartedly.

Not to mention they made sure, in the recent challenging times (mostly during the pandemic), that everything works out smoothly. HRs indeed helped employees and businesses adapt to changing situations. They took care of everything from taking care of employees’ welfare to making very tough decisions in adverse times. The people professionals used all of the tools and resources at their disposal to make companies and their employees succeed.

So let’s all come together and recognize the ultimate struggles they’ve faced and conquered all of them victoriously. 

HR Shaping The New Future: Theme for International HR Day 2023

As HR practice is evolving due to the ongoing changes and emergence of new trends plus helping organizations to embrace the changes happening around them which directly affect their business. For these reasons, organizers of the International HR Day have chosen the theme of – HR Shaping the New Future.

“The theme is about building an identity for HR into something bigger than itself. It is about our role as a profession in leading change to improve working lives, and not slipping back into traditional ways of thinking and working. The theme implies we are leading a future that will be more inclusive, flexible, participative; one which will benefit workers, organizations, and society as a whole.” –  says the European Association for People Management website.

The absolute fact that no one can deny is that the pursuit of modern HRs is to:

  • Empower employees by providing them with Learning & Development opportunities.

  • Build trust in employees plus develop a supportive, inclusive, and cheerful work environment where employees can enjoy working.

  • Testing various work settings (online, offline, or hybrid), evaluating, and then selecting what works best for the company. Or using combinations of these set-ups in different proportions to take advantage of all the benefits they offer.

HR Personnel tries to maintain a close culture so all employees (both working online & offline) feel connected with each other and the company’s vision. They create the employee experience better and give everything the employees need to assure they can work freely. For example, if some employees prefer a flexible working schedule, HRs plan things out and then allow it.

Along with that, they planned on: who will work where, ensured equal growth opportunities for employees, and maintained a creative work culture. This is how they are trying their very best to assist both employees and organizations to reach their vision and goals.

HR Pros Are Always There to Lead

Even when Human Resources Professionals were facing different challenges, they were there to lead, guide, and support employees. They were always in touch with the employees and listened plus gave solutions to their concerns, queries, and problems. 

Taking care of employees is the most crucial task and HRs did it very well. They acted as the North Star for employees & companies, guiding them in the right direction.

HRs Will Continue to Shape The Future | International HR Day 2023

No matter the size of the companies either small, medium, or large, and the sectors where HR professionals are practicing, they’re committed to managing the effects of fast-changing scenarios. They will innovate, work more closely with business leaders, and be ready for what’s coming in the future. 

They are the ones who will decide the course of action that business organizations will take to keep everything on track and to move towards betterment. As their influence is getting stronger each passing day, plus business and digital transformations are already underway, they will leverage their influence to make improvements. 

HR professionals are welcoming the technologies arriving in the HR world. Plus they will help tech companies to give a modern shape and upgrade the HR tech. All these confirm only one thing, a win-win situation for both company and its employees.

So on this International HR Day let’s give HR Professionals a big heartfelt thanks!

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