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How to Find Talent with Facebook Recruiting

Facebook today is one of the largest social media platforms with approx. 2.934 active users worldwide. It’s mainly a social media platform but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for recruiting. Considering the large number of users on the platform, we can say that you might find some great talent among them. Facebook recruiting is among the best ways to hire qualified job candidates. It is because people are trusting Facebook to find new job opportunities for them. So it becomes necessary that you should also take advantage of the benefits that Facebook has to offer for recruiting.

Facebook is indeed a great platform for hiring. It is because it allows companies to build their company page and publish jobs there to find candidates looking for a job on Facebook. Almost 66% of companies use Facebook for recruiting the best employees.

Read this article to find out what is Facebook recruiting, the benefits of facebook recruitment, and how to recruit on Facebook.

What is Facebook Recruiting?

Facebook recruiting simply means finding and recruiting candidates using the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook. This platform can be conveniently used to source, engage, and hire employees.

Nowadays social recruitment is among the latest hiring trends that recruiters are embracing. They’re using the top social media platforms to hire talent for their organizations. And they’re adding Facebook into their sourcing mix as it’s among those top platforms.

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What benefits does Facebook Recruiting have?

Have you wondered why should you use Facebook for recruitment? Facebook has a lot of benefits that you can get if you start using it for recruiting new employees. Here are the top benefits of Recruiting on Facebook:

1) Facebook has one of the largest talent pool

As we’ve already mentioned, it has close to 2.934 billion active users worldwide. It sits at the top of all social platforms in terms of the number of active users.

Most people spend a lot of their time browsing on this platform. Some of them won’t hesitate to know about the job openings that match their qualifications. That’s why if you leverage it for recruiting then via various recruitment marketing tactics, you can find some great talent from there.

2) It’s a large hub of passive talent

Without any doubt, it’s a big hub to find passive candidates. Passive candidates are the ones who aren’t actively looking for new job opportunities. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be interested to know about a job that offers them something better than their current one. It might be anything like salary & benefits, flexible work schedule, work environment, etc.

That’s why you should grab the opportunity to work on your employer brand on Facebook.

3) It will let you build a strong social presence

You can build a positive image as an employer in front of your potential job seekers with Facebook. You can easily convey the message to candidates that your company has an ideal work environment and benefits for them. This greatly helps in attracting qualified individuals from Facebook.

4) Referral becomes highly convenient

With the help of employer branding and job posting functionality (US & Canada only), it becomes convenient for your teammates to share job openings. Convenience is a key motivator for employees to share open job roles in their network and bring good job candidates.

You can also try tagging your teammates in your post to reach their connections. So even if they don’t actively share posts with their friends, tagging will allow you to reach them with ease.

5) Low sourcing and recruitment costs

Sourcing and hiring from Facebook are cost-efficient, this is why you shouldn’t miss this sourcing channel. Generally, a job posting on job boards costs around $15 to $75 per job post depending on the type of post you choose.

On the other hand, Facebook’s job posting feature is completely free. Yes, you heard it right, Facebook doesn’t charge anything at all for job postings. You can post jobs for free on your company’s Facebook page for candidates to apply. If you want you can run ads for your job postings so the postings reach a large number of candidates.

6) Facebook is best for improving the candidate experience

It’s quite easy for candidates to apply for a job through Facebook. When they apply, facebook fills in all required information automatically on the job application like contact info, education, work history, and others. This ensures a seamless application process for job seekers and will encourage more people to apply.

How to use Facebook to Recruit Employees?

Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow to post a job on Indeed using Recooty:

Here’s how you can start recruiting on Facebook:

1) Build your company’s careers page

First of all, you need to prepare your company’s page on Facebook if you haven’t already. Your company page will be the first stepping point in the direction of effective employer branding.

If your company is large and hires too often then you can create an individual page just for hiring. Otherwise, your company page will be enough for your hiring requirements.

To create a page you can go to Pages > Tap Create > Enter the page name and select up to 3 categories then tap Create.

After this, there are a lot of ways you can customize your page like adding a profile image, cover image, bio, and much more. Make sure the page reflects your organization’s identity well. Now finally you can use the page for various purposes, not to mention recruiting.

2) Start displaying your company culture

Good talent will come to you only when they trust your company in the first place. This is possible via sharing your company culture on your Facebook page. You can share pictures and videos of your office space, team outings, special events, or almost anything that lets you create a good image.

If you do this then your potential candidates will get a good idea about your company culture. Such posts on your Facebook page ensure the building of a strong and positive employer brand.

3) Post jobs on Facebook

There are two ways you can post jobs on Facebook:

The first one Using the Facebook Job Posting feature with which you post jobs directly from your company page. But this facility is only available in the United States and Canada only and for other regions, unfortunately, they’ve discontinued it.

If you’re in the US or Canada, follow these steps to post jobs on Facebook:

Step 1: You need to log into your personal or business account and open your company page. To post jobs you require administrative access to that page. In case, you don’t have your company/business page then you will need to create one then you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Now on your page click on job post then a new window will open. On that window, you have to fill in the details about the open job role. Fill in all required info like job title, job type, location, salary range (optional), screening questions, etc.

You also need to prepare a job description that should be optimized for Facebook’s search engine so your post appears at the top. You can always find free job description templates on our website.

Step 3: After the creation of the job posting you will get a preview of that job post. You will have two options in front of you at this stage, either you can Boost Post or Post Job.

If you go for the boost post option then need to pay for running the advertisement of your job post. You can promote your jobs for as many days as you want and the minimum daily sum you need to pay isn’t very high. Also, you have an option to target a specific audience based on demographics and other criteria.

On the other hand, if you choose the post job option, then the job will be live on your page which candidates can find easily. You can now share the job post to relevant groups, your personal timeline, etc.

The second one – Composing a specific post for the job opening. Create an attractive Facebook post that will lead your candidates to apply for the open role/s at your company. This methods works for any place in the world where Facebook offers its services.

If you’re outside the US and Canada, you can post a job in the following way:

Step 1: Start a regular post to prepare a job posting for your open position. To get started, go to the pages section from your personal/professional profile. Then go to your company page and start a new post by clicking create new post.

Step 2: Now begin writing your job posting, and include all the necessary job details in it. You need to add the job title, description, job type, and so on. Adding a photograph or a relevant graphic with your company branding would be great to make it look attractive.

Don’t forget to add the link to the career web page of your company where they can go and apply. Add an email and other contact details to the post so they can contact you easily. Always remember to add relevant hashtags to ensure the post reaches a large number of your target audience.

Step 3: After you’re done with the post creation, you can now post the same to your company’s Facebook page. This post will be easily sharable to many places including, your timeline, other pages, groups, or in a message.

Note: If you’re using an Applicant Tracking System like Recooty, it will allow you to post directly to your company page. Read how Recooty ATS helps you post jobs on Facebook and other social media sites.

4) Encourage employees to share testimonials

Your candidates would love to hear from your existing employees about what it’s like to work in your company. Encouraging your employees to share their honest experience working in your company on Facebook. This will also help you greatly in employer branding.

5) Opt for employee referrals

You can reach to best potential candidates who are friends/relatives of your existing employees or in their network. Ask your employees or teammates to share job openings on their timelines, relevant groups, or their own pages.

6) Reaching out personally via Messenger

If you’re able to locate a perfect fit for an open role, you can try reaching out to them on messenger. To reach out the best practice is to create personalized and new messages, every time you reach out to potential talent. This method is particularly good for establishing a good rapport between you and the candidate.

7) Set up automated responses

Set up automated responses for your potential talent’s basic questions related to your company. Later you can check their messages and start responding to them. This will help you immensely in keeping the candidate interested in knowing more and then it might lead them to apply at your company.


To conclude, we can say that Facebook is among the best places where you can hire the best fit for your open positions. You can leverage Facebook Recruiting in many ways as we have mentioned in this article. Use these methods to find the next best talent for your company. 

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