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The COVID 19 crisis has brought economic activities to a halt all around the world. This sudden economic shutdown has forced warehouses, offices, and factories to close as the world went under a long lockdown. The pandemic has also transformed the recruitment industry, just like the economy. It has brought major turbulence in the recruiting and staffing world. The Coronavirus pandemic has ushered a new way of working with the corporate roles shifting to remote work. Amidst the normalization of the remote setting for work, remote hiring has also become the new normal. Recruiting teams have gone remote. To support this new change, it is very important that recruiters contend with this shifting hiring landscape by seeking the aid of automation. So, in this post, we will highlight how can recruiting software help you during a crisis like this.

The Rise Of Remote Hiring

The pandemic has changed the supply and demand chain of the recruitment industry. On one hand, some jobs are in demand which is throwing millions back into the job search. Whereas on the other hand, some industries are cutting back and having a hiring freeze. Moreover, due to the current pandemic, the hiring process had to become virtual for most industries.

For some recruiters and HRs, adapting to remote hiring might be a little scary. However, virtualization doesn’t mean that your hiring strategy and process have to get affected. Modern automation and virtualization hiring tools have ensured that remote hiring remains as efficient as traditional in-person hiring.

Over the last few years, automation in hiring has played a major role in the recruitment strategies of recruiters. Human Resource departments and staffing agencies have adopted automation tools to optimize each and every stage of their hiring process. From sourcing, communicating, to onboarding, automation increases the speed and efficiency of the entire process. However, in the current time, automating repetitive tasks to make smarter hiring decisions is of prime importance.

That’s where recruitment software comes in. Recruitment software is basically an all-in-one tool that automates the entire hiring process for recruiters. The recruitment software market has been booming way before the Coronavirus even existed. According to a report, the global recruitment software market size stood at US$ 1753.2 Mn in 2017. And it is projected to reach US$ 3095.8 Mn exhibiting a CAGR of 7.4 by the end of 2025.

Recruitment software will not only optimize your hiring process but will also help you make smarter hiring decisions faster. Having said that, let’s take a look at how can recruiting software help you during a crisis

Automate Every Stage Of The Hiring Process

Traditionally, in-person hiring used to be full of challenges. From sourcing, to interview scheduling and onboarding, every step was hectic. Recruiters had to manually post their job openings on various channels. When applications started coming in, they screened every application and resume carefully, and then shortlisted candidates. Further, they called in the shortlisted candidates for interviews and finally hire the most suited candidate. All of this process was hectic and cumbersome.

However, with the advent of recruitment software, each of these tasks got automated. With suitable recruitment software, you can effectively source great candidates by posting your job opening on various channels, just within some clicks. Also, an Applicant Tracking Software can automate and streamline your application screening process. Once your applications and resumes are sorted, you can schedule interviews and your shortlisted candidates will be notified automatically. Some recruitment software like Recooty has some awesome features that can help you with the onboarding of your hired candidates too. Basically, recruitment software can automate your complete hiring process.

Increase Your Hiring Productivity

During this time of crisis, it’s certain that you have higher hiring goals and a limited number of HR people to achieve them. So, recruitment software is important not because it replaces recruiters, but because it empowers them. It enables them to work more efficiently and make better and faster hiring decisions. Recruitment software effectively eliminates scheduling errors and have a better candidate evaluation. So, recruitment software increases the productivity of employers and help them hire the perfect fit for a job role.

Reduce Cost Per Hire

With the economy being hit hard by the pandemic, it becomes very important for recruiters to minimize their hiring expenses. That’s why it becomes important now more than ever for recruiters to include great recruitment software in their hiring process. They can save a lot of expenses and hire and onboard great candidates at a very affordable price with the help of recruitment software. Recruiters just need to understand their needs and choose and the perfect recruitment software accordingly.

Get A Wider Reach

Traditionally, recruiters needed to post their job openings individually on various platforms. The online platforms would be different job boards, job portals, and websites. Social media channels were not even relevant until recent times. However, as recruitment software captured the market, job posting became easy. With recruitment software, recruiters can effectively post their job openings on various platforms just within a matter of clicks. Not just job portals and websites, but also various social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Your prospective employees are most probably spending most of their time online now with the social distancing norms implemented worldwide. So, recruitment software will not only give you a wider reach but also help you hire a diverse workforce.

Enhanced Quality Of Hire

Recruitment software increases efficiency, as well as the quality of hiring efforts of recruiters. It helps recruiters hire candidates based on the characteristics that will ensure job success. So, by using recruitment software, recruiters are most likely to hire the right person for the right job. Not just this, it also reduces the unconscious hiring biases during the recruitment cycles.

Hire Faster

Each day a particular role remains unfilled, the company faces financial as well as productivity loss. Especially currently, when everything is so uncertain, recruiters need to be agile with their hiring efforts. That’s why automating some of the steps of the recruiting can be very helpful for recruiters in hiring top talent faster. So, recruitment software can effectively help recruiters reduce their time to hire.

Improve Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is the most important aspect to focus on for recruiters currently. It is so because great hires would definitely want to work in a company that assures them during this time of uncertainty. Lackluster candidate experience can turn great candidates away from a company. Automating certain hiring steps gives recruiters room to build a personal connection with their candidates. Also, with a streamlined hiring process, recruiters can get faster responses from their candidates. That’s why recruiters need recruiting software to enhance the candidate experience.

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