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Being a recruiter is not an easy career to choose. Especially during the current time, the task of recruiting great talents is full of challenges. According to Achievers 2020 Engagement and Retention Report, as many as 64% of employees may leave their jobs in 2020. So, a successful recruiter must be well aware of the factors that drive today’s recruitment world. This blog will walk you through 6 underrated qualities of a successful recruiter. Just having proper knowledge about the recruitment tools and technologies is not enough to be a great recruiter. So, it is essential to foster these qualities to be a successful recruiter at the current time.

The entire job market is flooded with potential job seekers. So, the competition for acquiring employees with in-demand skills is becoming more and more fierce. However, with suitable user-friendly recruitment software like Recooty, this job has become very easy for many recruiters.

However, just having an HR tool at your aid is not enough. There’s a lot more that you need to become a successful recruiter. Firstly, you need to be able to read your candidates, identify their skills and abilities. Also, you need to know the company thoroughly for which you are hiring. To be able to do all this, you need to have certain qualities. Without much ado, let’s dig deeper into 6 underrated qualities of a successful recruiter.

6 Underrated Qualities Of A Successful Recruiter

1. Ability To Build A Relationship

A recruiter’s job is all about ”people’s business”. A recruiter’s job involves meeting a variety of people on a daily basis. So, basically, the entire concept of recruitment revolves around building relationships. That’s why having a good relationship-building capability is a very essential quality that every recruiter needs to have.

As a successful aspiring recruiter, you need to be a great connector. You should be able to spot every opportunity for connecting to people and turn it into a business relationship. This will help you build trust and satisfaction among your clients as well as job seekers. Great relationship-building skills also help in creating a positive and happy workplace.

2. Be Motivating And Supportive

Hiring is hard, and so is getting a job. A great recruiter always motivates and supports others. It is important to understand that a candidate, when going through a recruitment process, undergoes a lot of stress and anxiety. A successful recruiter is always understanding and is polite and humble with their candidates.

To motivate and support your candidates you can provide interview preparation tips, advice. Of course, a great pep talk goes a long way in establishing credibility among your candidates.

3. Being A Good Listener

For a great employer, it is crucial to have good listening skills. You can get greater insight into your candidates only if you listen carefully to them. A deeper understanding of your candidates helps you understand their needs and your compatibility with them. Listening carefully to your candidates will help you understand better if they are in need of motivation and you can help them better.

The fact is, the more you listen, the better you understand. Empathetic listening skills coupled with an ability to search for meaningful questions will definitely push you towards the direction of being a successful recruiter.

4. Excellent Communication Skills

Working in the Human Resource industry requires every individual to be an excellent communicator. From face-to-face communication to communicating over phones or emails, a recruiter should master every form of communication. A great recruiter needs to be able to adapt to different on-demand communication skills needed to thrive in their job.

A recruiter faces many situations, positive as well as negative. So, you need to be tactful, considerate, and gracious enough in order to maintain a cordial professional and personal relationship with your candidates.

5. Awesome Marketing Skills

Recruitment is a two-way process. A job seeker tries to get hired, indeed. However, successful recruiters know it for a fact that hiring is also about marketing themselves as employers. So, great recruiters are also marketing savvy. It is of utmost importance.

A successful recruiter is always eager to learn and acquire marketing tactics and implement them to attract and hire top talents. They also test these tactics and update them as needed.

6. Paying Great Attention To Detail

This is the most important quality a successful recruiter should have. As a great recruiter, your priority shouldn’t lie in just doing your job. But you should actually pay attention to details and do your job accurately. A great recruiter pays close attention to details in order to spot and hire great talent.

You have to read resumes and applications carefully to find any errors in them. You have to keep a close check on how the candidate is reacting to everything in order to be able to ask pointed questions. Paying great attention to details makes your hiring process simple, fast, and easy.

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