Internal Job Posting Email

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Internal Job Posting Email Template

Use the internal job posting email template for notifying your existing employees about open roles and encouraging them to apply.

Things to Consider when Writing Internal Job Posting Email

In the email specify if you plan to offer this role to external applicants or if you already did. In case you’ve published the job offer (on the job board, or anywhere else), provide a link to the job description.

Also, don’t forget to include a policy regarding internal job postings (if any). Or you can lead your employees to refer to it to get into details about the application process.

Important note: Send this mail preferably to those applicants who look fit for this particular position. In simple words, send it to those who have the right skills and knowledge relevant to this open job role.

Contents to Include in the Internal Job Posting Email:

  • Job title
  • Department (alternatively specify manager’s name)
  • Location (include when required)
  • Responsibilities/job duties (only in brief)
  • Requirements/qualifications/skills
  • Process of application and deadline

Internal Job Posting Email Template:

Email subject line – Internal job opening: (Job title) / Position open: (Job title) / We’re hiring (Job title) / New position of (Job title) available

Hi all / Dear (Candidate Name),

We’re searching for outstanding candidates to apply for the position of (Job title, for example, sales representative) in our (Department name, eg., Sales Department). Before putting the job advertisement out in the open, we thought it would be better to give our own people priority so you have a chance to apply first.

In this role of (Job title), you will need to work with the (Team name, e.g., Sales) team and be responsible for (state 2-3 main duties, e.g. generating leads, visiting current and potential clients to assess needs or promote products/services and giving sales presentations to various prospective clients).

You are required to have (write about skills, requirements, and experience needed for the role, for example, excellent communication, presentation, and negotiation skills, a bachelor’s degree in business with experience in dealing with new and prospective clients, closing deals, and preparing timely sales reports) to fit in this position. Click here (add a link to the job description) to find the full job description.

If you wish to apply for this exciting opportunity (mention the application process, for example, please reply to this email by (Date) and let us why you are interested in this role).

Feel free to contact our HR team at (contact details like email, phone number, etc.) if you have any questions regarding the position or the process.

Kind Regards,

(Your name)

(Your email signature)

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