DevOps Engineer Job Description Template

This DevOps Engineer Job Description Template gives you a concise picture of the responsibilities and requirements of a DevOps Engineer. It can be used to streamline the selection process and receive a high concentration of applicants who are the best suitable for this position.

It makes your hiring process one step easier.

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Job Description:

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer for our organization. The candidate is supposed to understand the user specifications. You will then have developed software and perform up gradation accordingly. Fixing bugs and solving the real-time issues are your responsibilities. You must also analyze the core reason of error occurrence and work on improving them. Come up with ideas to improve the user experience. Keep the software updates according to the market trends and technological advancements.

Having a background in software engineering is always a plus point for this position. You must also be familiar with programming languages Python or Ruby.


  • Work closely with the coworkers to understand the needs of the project.
  • Develop software to integrate with the back-end system.
  • Conduct quality assurance of the project to make sure that the project meets the organization’s standards.
  • Perform updates and fix bugs according to customer specifications.
  • Provide technical support and guidance.
  • Resolve technical issues.
  • Work on improving the customer experience and build tools to reduce errors.
  • Analyze the causes of errors and come up with a solution.
  • Take care of the security of the software.
  • Come up with new ideas for the software based on the market trend and technological advancements.
  • Suggest ways to increase the efficiency of the working procedure.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or other related courses.
  • Proven experience as a DevOps Engineer or other relevant roles.
  • Deep knowledge of programming languages like Python or Ruby.
  • Experience of using automation tools.
  • Acquaintance with software security techniques.
  • Working knowledge of SQL and Database.
  • Good teamwork spirit and problem solving skills.

DevOps Engineer Job Description FAQs:

What is a typical payout for a DevOps Engineer?

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on an average a DevOps Engineer on an entry-level earn about ₹600K per year.

How can this Job Description help me broaden my reach for better candidates?

Posting this job description on various job boards such as Adzuna, Ziprecruiter, Indeed and CareerJet can help get you better reach of the candidates. Using an ATS like Recooty can help save you a great deal of manual work! This allows you to post jobs to more than 20+ job sites on a single click. A quick Recooty sign up could be done from here – Recooty.

Which industries lookout for DevOps Engineer?

DevOps Engineer is one of the most sought after professional in the job market.

  • Banking & Finance: DevOps was applied in this sector to remain competitive in the market. It was applied to the technology side of the thing and also other segments of the business.
  • Insurance: This sector also used DevOps approach to deliver services that suit the customer’s needs. This sector released apps and moved to the cloud after they adopted the DevOps approach.
  • Inventory Management: The facility of warehouses today are more high-tech,
  • Education & E-Learning: Warehouses today are more high-tech than the ones before. It is common for such facilities to use Warehouse Management System(WMS). Through this it is easy to keep a track of all the items. It allows to keep a track of item from the time they arrive on-site to the time when it gets packed and shipped.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare enterprises use big data platforms to gain insights from collected data. They use it to bring improvement for patients. DevOps practices automate repeatable practices to cut down manual labor.

These are some industries that look out for DevOps Engineer.

What are the top qualities every DevOps Engineer must have?

The top qualities every DevOps Engineer must have are:

Good Communication and collaboration skills:

There are few tasks that can be achieved efficiently only when you have these skills. In this role the candidate have to relieve bottlenecks. You can do this by building connections and talking to people. You even have to ensure excellent customer experience for which you have to manage and assess the teams. Thus, good communication skills and collaborations skills are essential.


As a DevOps Engineer soft skills are equally important and technical skills. So apart from strong technical skills, coding skills, etc. soft skills like curiosity to learn, flexibility in working, Motivation and empathy are also important. The candidate must have good listening skills. You have to communicate with key stakeholders, understand there ideas and goals. Identifying areas of improvement and updating stakeholders correctly about the development plan is also your duty. Thus, empathy is an important quality for a DevOps Engineer.

DevOps tools understanding:

Familiarity with the major DevOps tools is a big plus point for the resume. We know DevOps is changing constantly. It is important for you to keep learning new DevOps tools.

Software Security:

As a matter of fact, development of software is quit rapid in DevOps but it also creates some vulnerabilities. Thus, it is not just the high-quality code but even the malware and bugs can deployed rapidly. DevOps therefore must have at least the basic software security skills.

Knowledge of automation technologies and tools:

A good DevOps engineer is the one who is capable of automating the complete DevOps pipeline. Automation helps to avoid the fostering of speed by reducing the human components. I eventually increase accuracy, consistency and reliability by reducing the amount of error occurrence. With automation the output or the result becomes more swift and rapid. It therefore leads to high quality delivery to the customers.

Technical skills like coding and scripting:

As a DevOps Engineer you are recommended to have coding and more importantly scripting skills. You must have good hands on coding languages like Python, ruby, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

Testing skills:

Testing leaves a huge impact on DevOps. For automation as well efficient continuous testing is needed. Execution of automated tests need to be in place. You need to be capable to ensure that every automated test runs as it is supposed to.

Customer-centric behavior:

A DevOps Engineer’s aim must be to deliver the best to the end users. They must analyze how every activity from their side can impact the rapid delivery of values to the end users.


When we love our job it directly impacts the performance of our products and services. And to become an asset for the organization you are serving, you need to produce good valuable results.

What are the tools every DevOps Engineer must be aware of?

The major DevOps tools are:

  • Server Configuration tools used to manage and configure servers in DevOps. Puppet is one of the widely used system for this purpose,
  • Chef is a tool used for infrastructure or code management that runs on cloud and hardware server both.
  • Ansible, a tool that automates configuration management, cloud provision and application deployment.
  • Tools for automation in CI/CD stage such as Jenkins that comes with additional plugins,
  • GitLab CI is a free and open-source CI/CD instrument by GitLab.
  • Tools for containerization and orchestration,
  • Docker, the most popular instrument for creating self-contained units and packaging code within it.
  • Commercial OpenShift and open-source Kubernetes, are widely used container orchestration platforms.
  • Nagios tool for monitoring and alteration in DevOps.
DevOps Engineer Job Description Template,DevOps Engineer JD,Free Job Description,Job Description Template,job posting

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