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How to import candidates on Recooty

Create your own pool of great candidates and save them for future hire or import new candidates to your dashboard who are referred from different sources.

Typically, the talent pool is a database that consists of the candidate profiles of all the potential employees who are interested in working with you. Talent pools are very diverse consisting of information about candidates who have currently applied for your open job positions, as well as candidates who are sourced, referred, or exist through some other source. The radius of a talent pool can be limited to a specific area of expertise or skill set, or it may be focused on a broad group of candidates who expertise in multitasking.

There are 3 ways to use the talent pool in Recooty:

  1. Import an applicant to the dashboard.

2. Bulk-Import multiple candidates to the dashboard who have applied from different sources.

3. Save candidates for future hire.

Also, those applicants who couldn’t find a suitable job opening for themselves at the moment, can also apply from the “Didn’t find any suitable job opening for you? Still, want to apply” section located at the bottom of your job openings list.

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