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Connect your LinkedIn Company Page to Recooty ATS

Connect Recooty to your LinkedIn Company Page for a wider candidate outreach. Any jobs posted through Recooty will be automatically published to your LinkedIn Company Page as soon as you add your LinkedIn Company ID in Recooty. Let’s find out how to connect your LinkedIn company page to Recooty ATS.

How to find your LinkedIn Company ID?

There are 2 ways to find your LinkedIn company ID, they are as follows:

1. If you’re assigned the ‘ADMIN‘ role on your LinkedIn Company Page: (1st Option)

In order to set this up, the Company ID should be collected from the URL of your company’s LinkedIn page. View your company’s LinkedIn page as Admin. Or type your company name in the LinkedIn search box and visit the page. By default, you will be presented with the admin view.

Now, you just need to check the URL. It will be of the following format –********/admin/

The number ******** is your company ID, copy it.

Here is an example of LinkedIn Company ID:

Now, add your Company ID to Recooty

Go to Recooty’s Dashboard and click on Settings>Integrations>LinkedIn Integration. You can also visit the page here. Paste your LinkedIn company ID here and your LinkedIn page will be connected to Recooty. All the jobs you post on Recooty will be automatically visible on LinkedIn Jobs.

That’s it, you’r page will be connected by the 1st method when you have admin access to your company’s LinkedIn page. If you don’t have access, check out the 2nd option below.

2. If you do not have admin access to your LinkedIn Company Page: (2nd Option)

  • Search for your company’s page on LinkedIn on Chrome Browser.
  • On your LinkedIn company page click on “See all X employees” which shows the total number of employees in your organisation.

As soon as you click on the employees’ list, the Company ID will be included in the URL. The Company ID is the number in the URL following “currentCompany=%5B”. In this example, the Company ID is- 1815218”1815218“%5D

Important: Take care to only copy the number in quotes. You can do this by manually typing the number out or double-clicking the number in the URL.

Now, paste your Company ID to Recooty

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