Sales Manager Job Description Template

This is a complete template for a Sales Manager Job Description. This template is customizable and complete with all the necessary information required while posting for a Sales Manager job post.

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Job Brief:

We are seeking to employ a dedicated Sales Manager for our team, to help us boost sales and manage the sales team activities.

As a Sales Manager, you will be expected to lead our sales team and manage its activities. Your responsibilities will include overseeing the team as well as individual performance. Providing guidance to our team, assigning sales goals to individuals as well as the whole team. The candidate must possess excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills to excel at this job. You should curate sales strategies and business plans in order to boost our sales records.

The Sales Manager is required to lead as well as manage our team towards more productive and efficient working.


  • Ensuring to meet the sales quota, assigned to the team and individuals.
  • Implementing innovative marketing strategies to boost sales and improve customer acquisition.
  • Thoroughly studying the market trends to implement the best business plans and strategies.
  • Developing innovative and efficient business plans for the company to inflate sales as well as profits.
  • Managing and overseeing the sales team as well as sales individuals for efficient and productive results.
  • Assigning sales goals to the team and managing their performance.
  • Expanding knowledge on the target demographics to determine suitable market strategy in order to improve efficiency.
  • Training and managing new as well as current salespeople.
  • Implementing market strategies to acquire new customers and strengthen current customer relations.
  • Conducting market research in order to identify future market trends and business plans.
  • Leading the sales team and providing guidance for better performance.
  • Recording and reporting the performance of the sales team to superiors.
  • Resolving customer issues and providing customer satisfaction.


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, administration or related field.
  • Sufficient experience in sales and proven sales records.
  • Experience in managing and leading a sales team.
  • Proper knowledge about the company, its product, target demographics and market trends.
  • Proficient communication, interpersonal, negotiation and presentation skills.
  • Proficient in written skills.
  • Possessing great business skills and knowledge.
  • Ability to build and maintain great customer relations.
  • Ability to lead and manage a sales team for efficient results.
  • Capable of developing budgets and market strategies to improve sales as well as profits.

Sales Manager Job FAQs

How can this Sales Manager Job Description help me drive the best results?

Posting this Sales Manager Job Description on various job boards such as IndeedAdzuna & Jora will help you drive the best results. An Applicant Tracking System could be used for great results as opposed to manually posting jobs on individual job boards. An ATS like Recooty helps you post your jobs across more than 20+ job boards on single submission!

What is a Sales Manager’s salary expectations?

An average Sales Manager makes about $100k/year in the US. An experienced candidate might expect as much as $147k/year at the highest.

What are the key aspects of Sales Management?

There are following key heads to manage within the sales process -

  • Team Building (Sales Operations)
  • Set Targets
  • Assign Territories
  • Establish Goals and Quotas
  • Design Sales Pipeline (Sales Strategy)
  • Reporting (Sales Analysis)

How is Sales Reporting important?

Sales reporting involves using sales metrics or quantifiable indicators that let you know about the performance of each aspect of your sales operations. It also confirms whether or not you are coming anywhere close to achieving your targets.

A standard sales funnel lets you observe the following four metrics –

  1. A total number of deals in your funnel.
  2. The average size of a deal in your funnel.
  3. Close-ratio (Average %) of deals that get won.
  4. Sales velocity (Average Deal Lifetime) before it is won.
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