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The pandemic has highly expedited the shift of the business world towards digitization. With the world’s top-performing companies adopting a digital-first approach, the hiring world as well is keeping pace with it. So, when it comes to professional recruiting, various recruitment software solutions help recruiters stay on top of their candidate databases and hire top talent. Today, SaaS recruiting software is trending in the job market.

Over the last few decades, the recruitment world has seen a huge boom in technological advancements. So, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have had a critical influence on traditional hiring and recruiting practices. One IDC report found that 75 percent of commercial enterprise applications could lean on AI by next year alone.

From small to medium and even large-sized businesses are using automation software extensively. And software that aggregates various areas of the business of small-scale businesses, start-ups, and enterprises has also come into the picture. So, from recruitment to sales, these automation software products are common and are now called SaaS (Software as a Service) recruitment software.

What is SaaS Recruiting Software?

Types of SaaS Recruiting Software

To understand the types of SaaS recruitment software, we have to explore the types of recruitment software. So, there are 3 principal types of recruitment software the recruiters and HR specialists use : Recruiting CRM, ATS, and HRIS.

  • HRIS software is the acronym for Human Resource Information System. It baically integrates HR with IT. So, an HRIS facilitates the occurrence of all HR functions digitally.
  • Whereas, a CRM systems, which stands for Candidate Relationship Management, are systems which aim to enhance and solidify the recruiter-recruitee relationship.
  • An ATS or Applicant Tracking System, is, however, a system that caters to the needs of a recruiter and optimizes the entire end-to-end hiring process. In other words, an ATS digitizes the entire recruitment process.

A SaaS-based Applicant Tracking System is the most common recruitment tool used in today’s recruitment world. Also, many recruiters believe that if you invest in a good ATS, you won’t need a CRM or HRIS. Now that we know what SaaS recruiting software is and what are its types, let’s take a look at the list of best ATS software in 2022.

List Of Best ATS Software In 2023- 10 Best Applicant Tracking Systems

An ATS has become an essential part of every recruiter’s life. An Applicant Tracking System is a great way to automate your hiring process. It helps you source better and offers streamlined workflow and customization features. So, a modern ATS can effectively accelerate the hiring efforts of your team.

So, here is a thoroughly researched list of the top 10 best applicant tracking systems (ATS) in 2023.


It may seem like we’re bragging, but believe us, we have good reasons to do so. Recooty is the world’s easiest Recruitment Software. It is much more than just an Applicant Tracking Software. It’s an all-in-one recruiting software that optimizes the entire recruiting process. Right from the initial stage of application tracking and streamlining to the very end of the hiring process, interview scheduling, and onboarding candidates. Also, it provides a wide range of other features that enables hiring managers to get the best recruitment experience. 


Workable is one of the leading ATSs in the world. It is an ATS and an all-in-one recruitment tool that helps businesses of all sizes flourish in recruiting. So, it helps recruiters to optimize the whole recruiting process from the very beginning to the absolute end. Workable doesn’t charge a single penny for installation or setup, allowing recruiters to get started within 10 minutes. It’s a platform that also allows teams to collaborate and work together on various hiring decisions. 

 Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based recruitment software that aims to provide end-to-end staffing solutions.  It helps recruiters to easily manage and streamline tonnes of applications. Zoho Recruit provides recruiters and job seekers with a list of active job openings. It then displays them in chronological order with open fields so that applicants can submit their applications immediately.


Headquartered in NYC, Greenhouse provides an ultimate and complete HR administration system. Recruiters can easily manage current, as well as prospective customers effectively at the same time. This recruitment solution mainly caters to mid-sized businesses and enterprises. So, recruiters can benefit from this to analyze the performance and efficiency of candidates and also compare them.


iCIMS is one of the early players in the market cloud-based recruitment solution that enables its users to build careers sites, schedule and conduct video interviews an applicant tracking system, CRM, and much more. It efficiently supports businesses of all sizes and in all industries. iCIMS is easy to use and separated into three modules: recruit, connect, and onboard.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a multinational American company. Its headquarters is in South San Francisco. It provides cloud-based software for human capital management. It uses software as a service model to provide HR solutions for an organization. SAP SuccessFactors offers a comprehensive HCM suite along with the assurance of global expertise. So, it allows recruitment transactions and helps you in the management of various aspects of HR.


Manatal is an Applicant Tracking System with multiple features. These features include sourcing great candidates, AI-powered candidate recommendations, customizable career landing pages with application forms, and many more. Also, Manatal offers a wide range of social media recruitment tools like a simple job post sharing tool, a chrome extension to import a candidate’s LinkedIn profile. All in all, it is an effective recruitment software that offers great features at an affordable price.

Oracle Taleo

Oracle Taleo is a cloud-based platform. It offers a wide range of solutions ranging from talent retention, acquisition, and development. It effectively helps recruiters and hiring managers to attract and retain top talents. They are one of the best and leading solutions for talent management and social job sharing. Companies can integrate Oracle Taleo to meet their demands via its end-to-end recruitment automation process.


The software and features of SmartRecruiters are most suitable for enterprise-grade hiring requirements. However, its SmartStart plan is designed according to the requirements of small businesses as well. It enables recruiters to achieve improved communication through scheduled notifications and auto-replies.


BambooHR is a cloud-based HR software for businesses that are small as well as medium-sized. The HR information system provides various tools and features that help HR executives effectively manage and monitor every step of the employment process. BambooHR basically flourishes because of its reporting capabilities. Not only Equal Employment Opportunity reports, but also benefit reports can be pulled out using BambooHR ATS. And this feature of BambooHR is also supported on mobiles. 

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