Web Programmer Job description Template

This Web Programmer Job description helps to attract the best suited candidate for your open position. It is readily available to post on online job boards. It is SEO optimized and is also customizable.

This template helps in streamlining to the hiring process and makes the process one step easier. It channelizes your thoughts and helps you in making the best choice for your open position.

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Job Brief: 

We are looking for a Web Programmer for our organization. The Candidate is supposed to write effective, high-quality codes. Work for maintaining and improvising the websites and software applications according to the industry advancements.

Ultimately, you are supposed to contribute fully from scratch to the final deployment.


  • Develop websites and software applications with high-level functional behavior and performance.
  • Write efficient, testable, and scalable codes. 
  • Design layouts of the websites or user interface.
  • Communicate with the team members and handle the issues that arise.
  • Ensure the high-level functioning and performance of the websites and software applications.
  • Integrate all the data from various databases and back-end services.
  • Accumulate and analyze user’s requirements and specifications.
  • Maintain proper records of software documents.
  • Be well updated about technological development and current trends in the industry.
  • Work on maintaining and scaling the websites with continued advancement in the market.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or other related courses.
  • Proven experience as a Web Programmer in other relevant roles.
  • Excellent programming skills and acquaintance with at least one programming language like Java, PHP, etc.
  • Good understanding of the complete working of a web application, security and best development practices.
  • Competent understanding of relational databases and object-oriented programming concepts.
  • Expert working knowledge of network analytical tools.
  • Basic understanding of SEO optimization.
  • Ability to diagnose issues and deal with real-time problems. 
  • Excellent organization skills, multi-task abilities, and time management skills.
  • Good grasping skills, the capability to adapt the changes in the working pace and environment.

Web Programmer Job Description FAQs:

What is a typical payout for a Web Programmer?

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on an average a Web Programmer on an entry-level earn about ₹273,500 per year.

How can this Job Description help me broaden my reach for better candidates?

Posting this job description on various job boards such as Adzuna, ZipRecruiter, indeed, monster and CareerJet can help get you better candidate reach. Using an ATS like Recooty can help save you a great deal of manual work! This allows you to post jobs to more than 20+ job sites on a single click. A quick Recooty sign up could be done from here – Recooty.

Which industries lookout for Web Programmer?

Web Programmer is one of the most sought after professional programmers in the job market.

  • Retail & Ecommerce,
  • Travel and Tourism,
  • Banking & Finance,
  • Education & E-Learning,
  • Media & Entertainment,
  • Healthcare,
  • Logistic & Transportation,
  • Advertisement and Product Companies
  • Automotive

are some industries that look out for Web Programmer.

What are some characteristics that every Web Programmer must exhibit?

Some characteristics that every Web Programmer must exhibit are:

  • Team work spirit
  • Creative mind
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Good planning skills
  • Debugging skills
  • Business understanding
  • Strength to handle failure
  • Good Technical knowledge
Web Programmer Job Description Template,Web Programmer JD,Free Job Description,Job Description Template,job posting

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