Top 20 Best Applicant Tracking Software of 2020

At the dawn of the development of any business, posting jobs and managing applications is rarely a priority for anyone. Also, the unprecedented changes due to the COVID 19 crisis have presented a bunch of challenges for recruiters all over the world. In such situations, there are so many aspects other than hiring, that need complete attention of recruiters and the HR department of a company. This is also true for bigger companies and firms. This is so because they definitely need all their great minded employees to keep up with the standards and quality of their products and services. Under such circumstances, recruiting is undoubtedly the most challenging and disconcerting process for the HRs or recruiting team of any company. So, here’s a list of Best 20 Applicant Tracking Software of 2020 that no recruiter should miss.

What is an Applicant Tracking Software?

If you are a recruiter and you would definitely want to seek the aid of technology. Otherwise, you are definitely going to have a tough time doing your job. It sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? As we are advancing further into the technological revolution, recruiters have entrusted their hiring process to Applicant Tracking Software. An Applicant Tracking Software is software whose basic function is to electronically automate the hiring process. It filters, organizes, and streamlines the job applications according to the preferences and criteria mentioned in the job opening. In other words, an Applicant Tracking Software automates your hiring process.

Why An Applicant Tracking Software Is Important?

Ideally, a company’s hiring process should be as effective and efficient as possible. So, it becomes highly imperative to accept only qualified and best-suited performers to save both finances and time. However, the current situations have been extremely challenging for recruiters. Firstly, the economy has been hit hard during this pandemic. Secondly, remote hiring and remote work have become the new normal. In conclusion, recruiters and HRs are facing a hard time.

As some industries are going into hiring freeze, meanwhile some industries are going through a hiring boom. So, as a recruiter, you definitely won’t want to be stuck under a massive pile of worth-to-read resumes, and applications. Posting jobs, managing, and streamlining applications, and reaching to a wider talent pool are the most hectic tasks in the hiring process. However, having one of the best applicant tracking software onboard can help you ease up your recruiting software. Above all, it can help you hire the perfect fit in a very short span of time.

20 best Applicant Tracking Software in 2020

According to research by Capterra, 75% of recruiters use a recruiting or applicant tracking software to make their recruiting process easy and effective. There are a number of ATSs developing over the recent years. However, not every ATS can be the ‘the one’ for you. With so many options available, it becomes difficult to decide which ATS to consider and which to overlook. Don’t worry, we got your back to make your decision-making process simpler. We have shortlisted and compiled this article of the top 20 best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2020, which recruiters shouldn’t miss considering.

1. Recooty

Recooty is the world’s easiest Recruitment Software. It is much more than just an Applicant Tracking Software. It’s an all in one recruiting software which optimizes recruiting right from the initial stage of application tracking and streamlining to the very end of the hiring process, interview scheduling and onboarding candidates. Apart from these main features, it also provides a wide range of other features that enables hiring managers to get the best recruitment experience. 

Unique Feature:- The most unique feature of Recooty is it’s unbelievably affordable pricing. The basic version is free, paid versions start from just 29$ per month to 49$ per month which is pretty much less than any other ATS. The best part is, even though the prices are very affordable, there is no compromise in the features.

2. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is an efficient recruiting tool which is much more than just an ATS. It effectively enables and helps companies to build a winning hiring culture. It enables companies to stay ahead in the competition for talent. 

Unique Feature:- Greenhouse is an ultimate and complete HR administration system. Recruiters are able to manage current, as well as prospective customers effectively at the same time. Recruiters can benefit from this to analyze the performance and efficiency of candidates and also compare them.

3. Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

Oracle Taleo Cloud Service effectively helps recruiters and hiring managers to attract and retain top talents. They are one of the best and leading solutions for talent management and social job sharing.

Unique Feature:- The service of Oracle Taleo depends heavily on social media platforms’ sourcing tools. Recruiting candidates through social media makes the job application available and accessible through smartphones which leads to increased employee referrals. 

4. BambooHR

BambooHR is a cloud-based and easy to use HR software for business which and small as well as medium-sized. The HR information system provides various tools and features that help HR executives to effectively manage and monitor every step of the employment process. 

Unique Feature:- BambooHR basically flourishes because of its reporting capabilities. Not only Equal Employment Opportunity reports, but also benefit reports can be pulled out using BambooHR ATS. And this feature of BambooHR is also supported on mobiles.

5. Zoho Recruit

Applicant Tracking is the specialty of Zoho Recruit and its functionalities are utterly dedicated to HR teams and staffing agencies. It helps recruiters to easily manage and streamlining tonnes of applications.

Unique Feature:- Zoho Recruit provides recruiters and job seekers with a list of active job openings, displays them in chronological order with open fields so that applicants can submit their applications immediately. It also lets recruiters select criteria for their applicants to respond to and Zoho automatically rejects the applicants who do not fulfill the criteria. 

6. Comeet

Comeet is unique hiring software that supports and encourages team-centric recruitment. It combines the function of an ATS with communication, collaboration, workflow and every other factor which enhances the quality of the present working team.

Unique Feature:- With Comeet, recruiters can involve multiple HR professionals and candidates into the hiring process. This helps in the filling of the vacancy quickly.

7. Jobvite

JobVite is not only an ATS, but it’s also a software that enables social recruiting, mobile-optimized career sites, onboarding, and any other desirable recruiting features.

Unique Feature:- Recruiters can efficiently create customizable and branded career websites that feature their brand, applications, forms and more. 

8. iCIMS Talent Acquisition

iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite efficiently supports businesses of all sizes and in all industries. They have been in existence for more than 10 years, trying to get recruitment right. It’s easy to use and separated into three modules: recruit, connect and onboard.

Unique Feature:- iCims is a globally leading brand for talent acquisition with over 3000 businesses and organizations as happy and satisfied clients. 

9. JazzHR

JazzHR is a simply customizable ATS and recruitment software. It enables recruiters to post jobs on a number of multiple job boards and various social media platforms at the same time screen and monitor applications with particular and desirable filters. Different hiring stages can be set according to the requirements of the job type. 

Unique Feature:- It effectively allows users to access the hiring in various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and more, all at the same time and same platform.

10. UltiPro

With the experience of more than 25 years, UltiPro focuses on changing the HR systems and take the recruitment scenario to the next level. Various factors like HR, payroll, talent, employee information, and many more, all combined together in one place which helps recruiters to manage and analyze employees easily. 

Unique Feature:- UltiPro’s unique feature is it’s Succession Management feature that enables recruiters to create and implement proactive plans for professional and career growth of employees. 

11. BreezyHR

BreezyHR is an end-to-end recruiting software that modernizes the recruiting process by helping recruiters attract and hire great employees with minimal efforts. It is amazing recruiting software that enables recruiters to get a bird’s-eye view of their candidate’s profiles. 

Unique Feature:- BreezyHR simply provides a clear and precise vision of the applicants and in what stage they are. The drag and drop management system allows recruiters to have absolute control over candidates.

12. Workable

Workable is an ATS and an all-in-one recruitment tool that helps businesses of all sizes to flourish in the field of recruiting. It helps recruiters to optimize the whole recruiting process from the very beginning to the absolute end. 

Unique Feature:- Workable doesn’t charge a single penny for installation or setup which allows recruiters to get started just within 10 minutes. It’s a platform also allows teams to collaborate and work together on various hiring decisions. 

13. Lever

Lever’s Talent Acquisition focuses on making hiring more efficient and more human. It is one of a kind system which is a combination of an ATS and customer relationship management software. With Lever, recruiters can also create career websites and profiles.

Unique Feature:-  Lever gives all of the recruitment data through its analytic tools and recruitment metrics, which makes it very easy for recruiters to draft their progress reports.

14. Newton Applicant Tracking

Newton is a mobile-ready, user-friendly and a compact fully featured Applicant Tracking System for employers of small and medium-sized businesses. It manages the applications effectively and efficiently without much hassle.

Unique Feature:- Newton is basically designed and programmed to give recruiters and their team unparalleled visibility into their recruitment process from the initial stage. 

 15. Recruitee

Recruitee is Europe’s leading recruiting software platform for companies of all sizes. The team of Recruitee focuses on helping their clients to build great teams so that they can build a great organization.

Unique Feature:- Recruitee effectively streamlines and automates the hiring process. Recruiters can build great career sites to lure in the best of the best talents. 

16. Freshteam

Freshteam is an Applicant Tracking System which has successfully built the perfect bridge between good recruiters and great candidates. It is a multitasking recruitment tool. So, it helps a number of companies to achieve their hiring goals. 

Unique Feature:- It effectively automates and takes care of all the recruitment tasks and chores by managing job postings, sourcing candidates and more. 

17. Bullhorn

Bullhorn mainly focused on automating the entire recruitment process and increasing recruiter productivity, improving a candidate’s experience and making better hiring decisions.

Unique Feature:- Bullhorn stands out as a combination of both, an ATS and CRM software for recruiting firms and staffing. It’s effortless to use and gives fast results. If anything goes wrong, the system effectively notified the recruiter to avoid major problems.

18. ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack is fully loaded and featured ATS. Over 2500 customers trust it over a period of 9 years. It is used by many SMEs and small and mid-sized businesses. 

Unique Feature:- The team of ApplicantStack comprises former recruiters and HR executives. So they know exactly the core of all recruiting issues and problems and how to solve them.

19. PeopleFluent

Peoplefluent helps organizations hire, manage, and reward highly skilled and motivated workforce. It is based in the United States. So, it is a software that spans recruitment, performance, succession, compensation and learning for mid-sized or large companies. 

Unique Feature:- PeopleFluent provides excellent talent management software and learning solutions. So, it helps organizations to realize the full potential of their workforce.

20. IBM Kenexa

IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite is a bag full of various recruitment solutions that help recruiters to find, hire and finally on-board worthy candidates. It encapsulates a behavior marketing tool that proactively attracts talents and motivates job seekers.

Unique Feature:- Its assessment features and capabilities are all powered by IBM Watson analytics because of which the process of identification of best fit is pretty quick. 

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