Top 20 Benefits Of An Applicant Tracking System

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The whole recruiting process, if done manually, can be pretty tiresome. Recruiters are swamped with hundreds and thousands of resumes for different jobs posted. Going through each one of them and hiring the best fit can leave them frenzied. In a nutshell, it is impossible for recruiters to scan through each resume and shortlist the best ones. That’s where Applicant Tracking Systems come into the rescue. In this article, we will continue exploring the world of Applicant Tracking Systems. Previously we looked upon how an Applicant Tracking System Can Make Your Life Easier. Now, let’s take a look at the top 20 benefits of an Applicant Tracking System.

From candidate sourcing to scheduling interviews, Applicant Tracking System has it all sorted for recruiters. That’s why more than 75% of recruiters use an Applicant Tracking System for their hiring needs. Applicant Tracking System, or as some prefer calling it, recruitment software can work wonders for recruiters and HRs. Therefore, 94% of recruiters say that using an ATS has positively impacted their hiring process.

Digitization and automation have technologically revolutionized the world of recruitment. Emerging automation in recruitment tools is mostly powered by Artificial Intelligence. So, modern recruiters and HR professionals rely only on recruitment tools like ATS. An ATS optimizes and automates many of the hectic administrative tasks. So, relieving recruiters from these tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on candidate selection is, in fact, one of the greatest benefits of an ATS.

Let’s take a look at the other top 20 benefits of an Applicant Tracking System.

1. Automate Your Hiring Process

With an Applicant Tracking System, you can source candidates wherever they are looking. An ATS lets you post jobs automatically to multiple job boards just within a few clicks. After sourcing, an ATS parses the resumes and applications and automatically shortlists the best fits for you. Once shortlisted, you can also easily schedule interviews. By automating it completely, an ATS makes the hiring experience hassle-free.

2. Speeds Up The Hiring Process

An ATS lets you keep all the information about the candidates at a single platform, centralized and organized. So you can easily sort, shortlist, and share all the information about your candidate base. This gives you faster access to the hiring process and speeds up your recruitment cycle with an efficient workflow.

3. Saves You A Lot Of Time

They say time is money. An Applicant Tracking System saves recruiters a lot of time and hence financial resources. It automatically sorts through hundreds of resumes, facilitates collaborative hiring efficiently, schedule interviews, and gather feedback. By utilizing these options, an ATS can save a lot of time on hiring the best of the talents.

4. Saves Hiring Cost

We all are aware of the fact that businesses simply can’t invest hundreds of bucks on just their hiring needs. Simultaneously, no business can afford to hire the wrong people too. So, an ATS helps recruiters save a lot of money by simply automating and streamlining the complete hiring process. An ATS also ensures that you hire the right person.

5. Post Jobs On Multiple Job Boards Easily

It is a fact that the more job boards the job vacancy is posted on, the wider the reach is. However, it is very tedious for recruiters to post the same job on different job boards manually. So, to simplify recruiter’s life, an Applicant Tracking System lets recruiters post their jobs on multiple job boards and job sites with just a single click.

6. Promotes Collaborative Hiring

Collaborative hiring means onboarding professionals from different departments in hiring to have a more diverse and talented team. The amazing features of an ATS allow recruiters to have a collaborative hiring environment in action. Teams from different departments of a company can participate in the hiring process and share feedback and notes about candidates.

7. Enhances Candidate Experience

An Applicant Tracking System provides a pleasant user experience not just for the recruiter, but for the job seeker as well. An ATS makes your hiring and application process smooth for your candidates. Your candidate is informed about each and every stage of your hiring process. So, an ATS can help you provide a great candidate experience.

8. Boosts Employer Brand

With an Applicant Tracking System, your candidates will definitely have a smooth user experience right from applying for a job, to getting onboarded. These same candidates will also definitely speak favorable words about your business. So, this way you can boost your employer brand and attain a strong position in the market.

9. Improves Quality Of Hire

Quality of hire means the total value a hired candidate adds to your organization with their performance. An ATS not only speeds up your hiring but also makes your candidate database more relevant to your requirements. A sped-up hiring process and high quality of shortlisted candidates can help you achieve the supreme quality of hire.

10. Lets You Manage And Track Applicants Easily

Gone are those days when recruiters had to manage tonnes of emails and excel sheets to keep a track of the applicants. Organizing and managing the profiles of hundreds of candidates can be pretty cumbersome. So, an ATS lets you manage and track all the applicants easily, under a single database. Therefore, you can easily view your candidates, compare them, and share them with your teammates.

11. Wider Reach

The greater your reach is, the more is the scope for you to find the perfect fit for your job opening. So, if you want to hire amazing talents, you need to have a larger audience for your job posts. An Applicant Tracking System lets you have a huge reach. Firstly, you can post jobs on multiple job boards with just a single click. Secondly, the SEO friendly techniques and algorithm of an ATS gives you a wider reach.

12. Track Your Performance Through Real-Time Reports

An ATS not only helps in hiring great people easily, but it also has features that help you keep a check and track your entire hiring process. An Applicant Tracking System can efficiently create reports and statistics in real-time that can help you track your entire recruitment process. It collects data from different parts of the hiring process, right from job posting to interview scheduling, and monitors the execution of tasks.

13. Easy Interview Scheduling

It is easy to shortlist the best minds for your company. The hardest part of the hiring process is to allot time slots and schedule interviews. You need to take good care that the time allotted to someone doesn’t clash with someone else. Also, each candidate needs to be given equal opportunities. So, an ATS automates this cumbersome task too. An ATS can send automated emails to each of the shortlisted candidates and inform them about the upcoming interview.

14. Grow Your Talent Pool

It happens more so than often that the ideal candidate comes to you at the wrong time. In simple words, sometimes a candidate may not seem fit for a particular role but maybe a perfect fit for your future vacancies. That’s why you need a talent pool. Many ATS have features that let you import candidates from various sources and create your own talent pool.

15. Security And Easy Legal Compliance

Just like everything else, there are certain legal requirements that pertain to the recruitment and HR industry as well. While abiding by these rules may seem easy, it can get complicated for recruiters. ATS makes recruitment compliance hassle-free. An ATS structures your hiring process in such a way that it stays compliant throughout the complete hiring process.

16. Boost Employee Retention

An ATS simply boosts the employee retention of your business by helping you hire the right person for the right job. Nobody wants to stay at a job that doesn’t fit their needs and skill set. An ATS filters the candidates right from the beginning of the hiring process to ensure you hire the right person for the right job.

17. Increases Hiring Productivity

Loaded with so many automation and streamlining features, an ATS effectively boosts the hiring productivity of a recruiter. From posting jobs on multiple job boards to collaborative hiring, an ATS has features that get everything covered.

18. Create Customized Career Page

This is a feature provided not by all of the Applicant Tracking System present in the market. A career page is a special place on your company website that helps you speak to your ”would-be” candidates before they are even a part of your hiring process. Some ATS have let you create your own customized Career page according to your needs.

19. Choose Your Own Budget

Budgeting can be a difficult task when it comes to spending on recruitment solutions. There can be a lot of confusion as to where and how to spend, which may also lead to overspending. Most Applicant Tracking System comes with a set of plans, designed for each size of businesses. This can help you choose a plan according to your budget and prevent you from overspending.

20. Make Faster And Better Decisions

There is no scope of even one decision going wrong when it comes to hiring the right people. So, an Applicant Tracking System facilitates better decision making by easing the collaboration of your teammates in the hiring process. Also, ATS gives you complete access to all the applications right in one place. So, you can review the applications better and make an informed decision.

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