The Best Alternative To Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is both, a powerful recruiting software and a cutting-edge Applicant Tracking System that streamlines and automated the hiring process for recruiters. With Zoho Recruit, recruiters can effectively source candidates with best talents faster, track resumes and interviews efficiently and ensure to never miss on a great hire. It offers awesome features like customized career websites, posting jobs on popular job boards and social sites, resume parsing and many more. Recruiters can find better candidates, bring their entire team on board and make data-driven decisions effectively with Zoho Recruit.

Why Zoho Recruit is not worth investing?

Zoho Recruit is an apt recruiting tool for startups and small businesses. Its pricing plans are quite affordable and that is why most newbie entrepreneurs may think its the best for their business. However, there are abundant chances that what seems to be an inexpensive recruitment solution for small businesses, may turn out to be a huge hassle and full of inconvenience. Zoho Recruit, inspire of its cheap pricing, maybe the hurdle in a small business’ hiring process instead of being a savior. For starters, the User Interface of Zoho Recruit is very poor. It is a minimalist design and has not at all kept up with current elements. A more interactive interface with the involvement of questionnaires or custom assessments to compare the candidates against the posting would have been a lot helpful. Training is minimal too, instead of creating and offering a thorough training manual for reference purposes, Zoho Recruit simply gives a copy of the demo which is definitely not much helpful. The customer service of Zoho Recruit is not at all supportive and responsive as according to the reviews of many customers.
Considering the importance of the above-mentioned factors for any ATS, Zoho Recruit is definitely not the best option for any small business or startup, and definitely not for an enterprise.

Why Recooty is the best alternative?

The team at Recooty truly understands how challenging recruiting valuable employees can be for a startup, even a well-established startup. Keeping this very important fact in mind, we’ve ensured that recruiters from every segment of the entrepreneurial world benefit from our services. The pricing scheme of Recooty is completely affordable for any company, whether a startup or a big company as it ranges from $0 to $99 per month.
Zoho Recruit surely has a much affordable pricing too, but Recooty totally has an edge over Zoho Recruit as, within almost the same prices, Recooty covers all the loopholes and flaws that Zoho Recruit possess.
The User Interface of Recooty is absolutely simple and interactive. The users would have no inconvenience at all in understanding Recooty while they visit the website for the very first time. There’s a super amazing and simple video that explains everything one needs to need to get Recooty on board with them for the journey to hiring perfect candidates. And lastly, the customer service of Recooty is absolutely amazing. Recruiters get the solutions to their problems within a couple of minutes.
Every company has some basic needs and expectations from any recruiting tool that they’re installing, irrespective of whatever price they’re paying. Zoho Recruit is undoubtedly one of the cheapest ATS but it surely doesn’t seem to fulfill the expectations. Whereas Recooty on the other hand was built to do exactly the same and have the priority to fulfill its client’s expectations and needs.

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