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Workable alternatives

Workable is an Applicant Tracking System and an all-in-one recruitment tool that helps businesses of all sizes to find people for their open jobs. It helps and transforms the whole recruitment process for recruiters, from sourcing candidates to managing applications. Workable offers a pool of features like creating a branded career page for your company’s website, advertise your jobs on various platforms, source, track and manage candidates and many more but most important, Workable is supposedly the most high-priced and complex Applicant Tracking System.

Why do you need to rethink before signing up for Workable?

Workable is undoubtedly the ideal tool for any business, irrespective of their size, looking for help strictly in recruiting the best candidates. However, if your business needs a more general, affordable and non-complicated human resources tool, Workable does not offer enough features and capabilities to work in this capacity. Workable offers three different monthly pricing options, from the $50-per-job-per-month, pay-as-you-go plan to the custom pricing Pro plan. For a company which has just started with a limited amount of funding, $50 per job post is a pretty big deal! Also, the basic pay-as-you-go plan doesn’t offer many features as some of the other human resources software which offers more amazing features at a lesser pricing.

Why Recooty is the Best Alternative to Workable?

At Recooty, we have our primary aim to provide services that can benefit entrepreneurs and companies irrespective of their own limits. We ensure that from newly emerging startups to well-established companies, everyone can avail our services and hire efficiently.

Unlike Workable, the basic version of Recooty is absolutely free with few of the very efficient and effective features like website integration, job sharing, and basic support. The pro pricing package of Recooty costs only $29 per month for up to 20 Job Post, which by the way is way more affordable than Workable, has some added features along with the features of the free version like Branded Career Page, Google For Jobs Visibility, Interview Scheduling, API integration, Priority Support and white labelled. Whereas, the highly expensive $50 per-job-per-month pricing of Workable provides features which are not so significant and important.

Workable is indeed a good recruiting tool but it’s unreasonably high pricing is one of its major drawbacks and which effectively arises the need for an equally amazing recruiting tool at an affordable pricing. At Recooty, we’re here to fulfill all your online hiring requirements in a way which is friendly to your finances and ensuring you the best of recruitment solutions simultaneously.

The best part is Recooty provides a 31 days free trial without any credit card to ensure the customer satisfaction.

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