The Best Alternative To Greenhouse

Greenhouse Alternative

Greenhouse is an effective recruiting tool which is much more than just an Applicant Tracking System and enables help companies to build a winning hiring culture. It enables companies to stay a step ahead in the competition for talent. The greenhouse provides you everything that you need from an ATS and even more. Greenhouse recruiting always ensures that you know the best and right step to take to hire the best candidate. It designs a structured and winning hiring process. Greenhouse’s hiring process begins with looking for perfect candidates from a number of diverse sources like in-person events, job boards, in-house referrals etc. Greenhouse makes sure that your efforts in ensuring an amazing candidate experience don’t go away all in vain.

Why Greenhouse is not the best option available?

Since nothing is perfect and every other advantage can be a disadvantage for the other side of perspective, Greenhouse as well could not always be the best recruitment option for every company. For starters, let us consider the high, completely unaffordable pricing scheme of Greenhouse. Greenhouse Software pricing ranges from around $6000, for a couple of dozen of employees, to $25000 per year for the clients they surveyed, depending upon the size and needs of the companies. The high price is the reason why Greenhouse recruiting would be completely beneficial only to enterprises with high and constant financial supply. Startups and emerging enterprises are the neediest for an automated and efficient hiring tool and considering the prices of Greenhouse, clearly, it is not suitable for their finances.

Why Recooty is the best alternative?

Recooty is a perfect recruiting tool for companies and enterprises of all sizes and resources in the business world. Recooty was build to give an efficient yet affordable solution to every other hiring issues and complexities. The mission is to help startups and SMEs to automate their recruitment process in the most affordable and efficient way possible.
Greenhouse’s high pricing is the reason why many of the startups cannot possibly be exposed and avail of the recruiting services that they provide. We have to build Recooty by keeping in mind the recruiting needs and financial capabilities of every section of the business world. Recooty’s pricing plans are very much affordable. Starting from the basic free version which includes the basic support and few of the essential features required for digital hiring, to the Ultra plan which costs only $99 per month and includes a set of amazing and advanced features like Resume Parsing, Unlimited Active Jobs and many more.

Well, that’s not it! If you still have doubts about how amazingly perfect Recooty is for your business, here’s how you can clear all of them.
Recooty provides a 31 days free trial for your satisfaction without the involvement of any way of payment like credit or debit cards.
Isn’t it amazing!

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