The Best Alternative To Freshteam

Freshteam is an Applicant Tracking System which builds the perfect bridge between good recruiters and great candidates. It effectively automates and takes care of all the recruitment tasks and chores of a company and helps recruiters focus more on the most important thing, that is, finding great talent. With Freshteam, a company can easily do all the important parts of recruiting avail amazing features like Managing Job Postings, Sourcing Candidates, Resume Screening, Engaging With Candidates, Asses and make offers and finally, integrations. Freshteam is a multi-tasking recruitment tool that has helps a number of companies to achieve their hiring goals.

Why Freshteam may not be the best deal for you?

Freshteam is indeed an amazing hiring software but when speaking of its usability for companies of every level and scale, is benefits may be a little questionable. To begin with, let’s consider the UI and UX. According to the reviews of some of the clients, the UI/UX of Freshteam is not so intuitive and it’s a little challenging to make custom stages to the pipeline. The second drawback would be the complexity of the integration of e-mail with the Freshteam which seems a little confusing. Also, the payment options for Freshteam excludes one of the important options, that is PayPal. And lastly, the pricing plan which is good if the company is medium or large scale but very unaffordable for a small business.

Why Recooty is the best alternative?

The team behind Recooty is completely dedicated to making the life of every recruiter easier in every way possible, from creating the best User Interface to ensuring the best pricing plan for the recruiters. The developers at Recooty have put in immense efforts to ensure that the UI of Recooty is simultaneously attractive, as well as simple so that recruiters know exactly what they’re doing and what they want. The Website Integration of Recooty is super simple and very precisely explained in a video, right on the homepage of Recooty’s website. And finally, the pricing plan of Recooty is affordable for everyone, from a small company to large enterprises starting with the basic version being free and the Ultimate plan being $99 per month, which is surely very less than Freshteam.
Considering the downsides of Freshteam Recooty is undoubtedly the best option for every recruiter in every other company, whether small or big.
And that’s not it, for the sake of satisfaction and assurance to its clients, Recooty provides a 31 days free trial which involves no credit, debit cards or any other payment. Isn’t it amazing!

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