The Best Alternative To Breezy HR

Breezy hr is an end-to-end recruiting software that modernizes the recruiting process by helping recruiters attract and hire great employees with less effort. It is an amazing, all-in-one software which enables recruiters to get a bird’s-eye view of their candidate profile, efficiently streamline candidate communication and schedule interviews and source candidates wherever they are in no time. With Breezy HR, recruiters can make smarter hiring decisions effectively with just a click.

Why do not have breezy as your recruiting software?

Breezy HR is indeed a good recruiting software. It’s easy to use, very intuitive and its features have enabled many recruiters to build great teams for their respective organizations. In a nutshell, Breezy HR is supposed to be the perfect online recruiting companion any company could have.
According to the reviews of their clients, turns out that Breezy hr have few major cons which are really important for recruiting software to overcome.
Firstly, the customer service of Breezy hr is really slow. Getting to someone in a timely fashion is been lagging by the customer service of Breezy hr. The customer service of any business is a really important factor as its the most significant way through which interaction with clients is possible.
The mobile app of Breezy hr is not so efficient and complete as it does not have full functionality yet.

Why Recooty is better?

The team behind Recooty has always been completely dedicated to trying to make the recruiting experience the best for their clients. We understand that not every client of ours is experienced to the same level and hence feel it’s our responsibility to be completely attentive to our customer’s needs and doubts. Hence we have ensured that our customer service is super responsive and effectively helps our clients to have the best hires.
We’ve been really working hard on developing a mobile app for Recooty and considering the success of the website and the satisfaction of our clients with that, we’re really looking forward to it. We hope we will satisfy our clients with our service through the mobile app in the same way we did through our website.

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