Talent Acquisition: The Key To Sourcing And Hiring The Best

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The global crisis has forced businesses around the globe to adapt and adjust to remote work. Organizations and their workforces are adopting social distancing measures with the goal of employee safety. COVID 19 has not only affected the current workforce but also the prospective future workforce. It has changed the way people look for a job as well as the way recruiters look for employees. Remote hiring is the major seismic shift in the world of recruitment in the last few months. The recruitment world during and after the COVID 19 is going to be entirely different. So, it is high time now when recruiters need to fill in the holes and perfect their talent acquisition strategies. So, in this article, we will be presenting a comprehensive guide on how you can update your remote hiring game and source and hire the best employees.

From high turnover rates to poor employee performance, every nightmare of an organization originates at a weak talent acquisition strategy. It can have a pretty overwhelming effect on the growth and success of an organization as a whole. Talent Acquisition is one of the most important processes that go beyond just merely hiring someone. This may be the first time for many employers of leading through a pandemic for the first time. However, the talent acquisition strategy would be no different now when you’re hiring for a digital workforce.

What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent Acquisition is a holistic, ongoing process that involves sourcing, finding, and then finally selecting skilled individuals who have an enormous capacity to fulfill any organizational needs. When speaking in the context of recruiting and the HR profession, talent acquisition is of utmost importance for any organization. Hence usually most organizations have a complete team within the Human Resource department dedicated to taking care of talent acquisition. Talent acquisition is a crucial part of the whole process of building teams for an organization.

The Difference Between Recruiting And Talent Acquisition

Many people often tend to confuse both the terms, Recruitment, and Talent Acquisition with being the same. However, companies knowing the big picture, realize that there’s a very significant difference between the two. Recruitment and Talent Acquisition both can be comparable to short-term and long-term strategies. That is short-termed quickly fixable recruitment and long-termed and planned talent acquisition.

Recruitment is merely about filling positions, whereas, talent acquisition is a strategic process to hire the perfect fit. In short, a strategic Talent Acquisition is the main factor on which recruitment completely depends. That’s exactly why the goal of strategic talent acquisition is way beyond just filling vacancies. It’s about an efficient strategy to source and hire the best talent that can effectively meet all business objectives. An effective and robust talent acquisition strategy is a must for companies seeking a high growth rate and success. It can save it a great deal of time by helping and finding people who can lead that growth forward.

Sourcing and Hiring the best from the Talent Pool

Proactively sourcing involves the whole process of seeking out new, valuable talents from talent pools. This is done through resume databases, membership directories, and online communities which involves almost every social media platform. 

Sourcing has the full potential to easily become a nightmare for any organization. Within the two extremes of the problems like talent shortage and sky-high prices online recruitment tools and job boards, sourcing great talent can be extremely difficult.

Sourcing has become more important than it ever was before. It is so mainly due to the current situations and the enormous number of online profiles and data available. So, a proper and efficient sourcing strategy is of prime importance for a good Talent Acquisition strategy.

5 effective techniques to build an efficient Talent Acquisition strategy

Developing a great talent acquisition strategy is not as difficult as it seems. According to the opinions and experiences of big successful companies, newbies and startups simply need to keep up with the trends and simultaneously update their strategy. 

The recruiting scenario is constantly changing along with the developing economies, evolving technologies, and changing priorities of the job seekers. Given the highly technical world we live in, it is really important to involve the tools in the recruiting process that can help a company to grow and expand technologically so that it can attract the best of the talents. 

Listed below are 5 amazing techniques that an organization can adopt and build an efficient Talent Acquisition Strategy-

1.Create An Unmatched Employer Brand 

According to a LinkedIn Employer Brand Statistics Report, 75% of candidates will research a company before applying for a job. A well-proven talent acquisition strategy involves branding the company as a great place to work with an amazing team culture. The marketing resources for doing so mainly involve sharing of activities and videos on social media, publishing various blog posts, and of course, positive testimonials from current employees. A great employer brand is built with the expansion of reach and networks of the businesses. Amidst the current situations, creating an authentic employer brand is a must to attract the top talent.

2. Encourage Employees Referrals

Employee referral is one of the most traditional most likely to be a successful talent acquisition technique. Employees usually represent the brand of the company and therefore they’re most likely to know the other qualified and potential candidates like themselves. According to one of the latest studies, most small, medium, and large-sized companies have admitted that positive employee referrals are the primary source of their successful hires. So, by encouraging employee referrals, recruiters can gain a massive reach

3. Make your company Appealable

Great talents will always love to take up new challenges. Hence portraying the company as a challenging place can motivate potential hires to get onboard. Being and remaining competitive is a great way to secure superior candidates. By promoting its advantages a company can effectively make itself appealable to the amazing talents out there. Always show off your culture to attract more and more human assets that can lead your company to success.

4. Involve Social Media

Social media has not only taken over the communication sector but also captured today’s recruitment scenario. Various social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc have become enormously popular within recruiters in the last decade. This is mainly because people nowadays are more engaged in social media than any other platform for interaction. This makes it a lot easier to find ideal potential employees. Social media sites like LinkedIn are a perfect example of depicting the huge role of social media in today’s recruiting scenario. So marking your presence effectively on social media can help companies to grab the much-needed attention of their target talent pool.

5. Clarify and re-assign with the goals and objectives

The goals and mission of a company is the first and most important factor that a talented potential employee seeks when he’s on a job hunt. Hence it’s vital for recruiters while building a talent acquisition strategy to understand the mission and goals of the company. The dynamics of the company may shift as it grows and expands. So it’s essential to stay updated with the priorities of the company to make sure and get the right candidates on board. 

By taking a little extra time and focusing on these 5 important tips, one can easily build a great talent acquisition strategy. The importance of talent acquisition must not be underestimated and should be worked upon fast and smartly. The short term work done on building a great talent acquisition strategy can give long term benefits and completely change the whole recruiting process in a better way.

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