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5 Most Common Recruitment Myths

Recruitment is an intricate and critical part of any company. It is…

How can a recruiting software help you during a crisis. Role of a recruiting software in a crisis. What can a recruiting software do to help you hire effectively in a crisis. How hiring automation will help you in a crisis.

How Can A Recruiting Software Help You During A Crisis

The COVID 19 crisis has brought economic activities to a halt all…

How To Create An Authentic Employer Brand Amidst COVID 19. How Employer Branding Needs to Respond to COVID-19. Employer Branding Amidst COVID-19.

How To Create An Authentic Employer Brand Amidst COVID 19

The current ongoing pandemic has turned our world upside down. In this…

Monter partners with Recooty. Monster-Recooty Partnership. Recooty Job Board Partners. Monster partner.

Monster Partners with Recooty!

Monster Partners with Recooty! Today, we are extremely excited to announce our…

Role of AI in Remote Recruitment, Artificial Intelligence in Hiring, How can AI help in recruitment during COVID 19

Role Of AI In Remote Recruitment During COVID 19

The current COVID 19 crisis has changed our lives as we know…

The COVID 19 crisis is changing the way of hiring. This article guides you on how to hire top talent during COVID 19 crisis.

How To Hire Top Talent Faster During COVID 19

This article will guide you on how to hire top talents faster during the COVID 19 crisis.

Best Remote Hiring Tool

Level Up Your Remote Hiring Game with Recooty

We are amidst the biggest global pandemic of this decade. Corona Virus…

Best Recruitment books to read. Best hiring books to read. Books to read to improve hiring practices

10 Best Recruitment Books To Read During This Lockdown

An extended lockdown has forced us all to stay at our homes….


The Biggest Recruitment Challenges Due To COVID-19

If the year 2020 were a person, it would be the villain…

Hoe to build a positive work culture for remote teams

How To Build A Positive Work Culture For Remote Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread its tentacles all around the world. So…