Retinodes (Case Study) | Recruiting Automation Implemented

How Recooty is helping Retinodes in team building and startup hiring.

An Overview

IT sector services can be like a light at the end of the tunnel for a budding business. Not only for startups and SME’s but a good website is paramount for big companies and corporations. Retinodes is a youthful and emerging software development company and training provider which builds a skilled technological pool for global industry requirements. The company helps its clients to realize their actual goals. The company was founded in 2013 and provides its clients with website development, digital marketing, android apps development, training provider, outsourcing services and more. Having a personal and effective approach makes their clients love them and keep coming back to them. Being run by the youth, Retinodes has great networking group and skills of marketing that helps an IT company to achieve their goals and objectives.

Challenges Faced:

As the company started off in 2013, it has come a long way since then. The workload scaled, the team expanded and the number of responsibilities increased. Retinodes faced rapid growth and a backlog of manual HR functions. When we interacted with one of the HR professionals at Retinodes we clearly figured out that they were tackling the problems of mismanagement in resume handling, hectic hiring process, and expensive job portals. With the expansion of the company, manual handling of the hiring process often resulted in faulty data and this lead to a lot of jargon.   

Client’s Story:

Since every company needs valuable assets, they will only be willing to invest if they can see a good output. We interacted with the recruiting team at Retinodes and found out that as their workload expanded, they were looking for people from all aspects possible in the IT sector and hire them for the best they can do. They needed a diverse team of driven and productive employees who are skilled and talented. To expand the team, they needed to expand their reach and presence on the internet and create their own personalized career pages.

Our client was seeking for the same without taking risks, having an easy, quick, effective and efficient hire. They wanted to have easy management of resumes, an applicant tracking system which would make the hectic work of their HR manager easier.

How Recooty Provided an Effective Solution:

The mission at Recooty is to help ambitious startups to hire the best fit for a job and releasing HR from the burden of tonnes of resumes by providing them with an extremely simple recruiting software. We helped the hiring team at Retinodes to streamline their company’s hiring process. After Retinodes started using Recooty, now they can easily attract great talents using Recooty’s collaboration with the world’s top-most job boards. Also, they are now able to easily shortlist the best applicants and schedule interviews with them.

Client’s Review:

After experiencing the solutions provided by Recooty, here’s what the hiring team of Retinodes had to say-

“Recooty is the best recruitment software one can have. It’s a complete package for our complete hiring process. Loved their team and their amazing work. Their job posting system is just awesome. Just a few clicks and all the hectic manual processes become extremely easy to handle. With Recooty we have on-boarded 10+ great employees with immense skillsets. Brilliant work! :)”

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