Product Designer Job Description Template

This Product Designer job description template is completely customizable. It can be used to effectively attract the most qualified candidates to your open position in a short duration.

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Job Brief:

We are looking for a product designer for our company who could help us make products we develop visually attractive to the target audience.

A Product designer is responsible for the improvement and completion of the product within deadlines and budget. Such a professional has to work closely with engineers, model makers and other skilled people to deliver what is expected. They keep an eye on the changes made and will oversee the testing of the chosen design.

To do justice with the job title you should be creative and have a keen eye for details.


  • Develop design concepts and drawings.
  • Meet clients and colleagues to discuss design briefs.
  • Figure out the market needs, industry trends and consumer preferences.
  • Understand technology, production methods, and materials.
  • Use drawings, 3-D models and computer designs to express new ideas to the teams involved and clients.
  • Set deadlines and budgets.
  • Establish proper communication with designers to ensure the overall efficiency of the design phase.
  • Develop product mockups & prototypes.
  • Oversee the testing of the chosen design.
  • Produce fact-based reports.
  • Make modifications according to the feedback from colleagues & clients.
  • Oversee the testing of the final product to check whether it meets the market trends and user expectations.
  • Make presentations to potential clients to win new contracts.


  • Bachelor’s degree in product designing or other relevant courses.
  • Proven experience as a product designer.
  • Good research and competitor analysis skills.
  • Understanding of industry trends and market conditions.
  • Good designing skills and technical knowledge.
  • Strong knowledge of Computer-Aided Design (CAD).
  • Working experience of 3-D models and computer designs.
  • A creative mind with an eye for shapes and colors.
  • Time management skills and capability to make the product cost-effective and reliable.
  • Good interpersonal skills.

Product Designer Job FAQs

What is a Product Designer’s salary expectations?

An average Product Designer makes about $102k/month in the US. An experienced candidate might expect as much as $192k/month at the highest.

How can this Product Designer Job Description help me drive the best results?

By posting this job description to various job boards such as NeuvooAdzuna & Indeed will help you achieve the best results. A smarter approach would be to use an Applicant Tracking System instead of manually posting jobs on individual job boards. An ATS like Recooty helps you post your jobs to more than 20+ job boards at one go.

What steps are involved in the Product Designing Process?

Although the product design process varies from organization to organization, these professionals do tend to approach design-thinking with a similar kind of framework. The design-thinking process involves several steps mentioned as under –

  • Empathize with people
  • Define the problem
  • Ideate a solution
  • Build a prototype
  • Test the solution

Although the steps might be arranged linearly, the process doesn’t necessarily comply with the sequence of this linearity. The results learned in a given step usually happen to lead the team back to repeat or refine an earlier step.

What tools can help Product Designers unleash their creativity?

Since a Product Designing professional covers a broad range of disciplines, the job title requires several different types of utility tools. A few of which are as under –

  • Wireframing apps
  • Graphic design apps
  • Prototyping tools
  • Research and data analytics tools (e.g., spreadsheets, sophisticated A/B testing apps)
  • CAD (computer-aided design) software
  • Project management apps (e.g., Trello)
  • Product road map apps (e.g., ProductPlan)

Which industries look out for Product Designers?

Product Designers are one of the most sought after professionals in the job market. Industries that humbly look out for Product Designers are –

  • e-commerce
  • Information Technology
  • Health and Wellness
  • Finance/Insurance
  • Enterprise Software

What are the Types of Product Design Jobs Available?

Product Designers could be thought of as professionals that handle several roles under different names. For example –

  • UX designer
  • Data analyst
  • Prototyper
  • Product designer
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