Looking For The Best SmartRecruiters Alternative?

Recruiters in today’s hiring world are constantly looking for high-quality talents in various fields. So, if any Applicant Tracking System doesn’t keep up with their needs, they can easily find another best alternative to it. Let’s take a look at the best SmartRecruiters alternative!

The current market is flooding with recruiting software and Applicant Tracking Systems of all kinds. SmartRecruiters is one of the major names among all the options. However, nothing in this world is perfect and flawless.

Recooty is undoubtedly the #1 And The Best SmartRecruiters Alternative 

Why Recooty is the best SmartRecruiters alternative? Simply because Recooty is . As simple as it is to use, Recooty also helps companies to hire the best talent and simplify their recruiting process.

Optimize Your Entire Hiring Process With Recooty 

Requisition managementYes            Yes
Customizable career siteYes            Yes
Free job descriptions(Pick, personalize & post)Yes            No
Major job board integrationsYes            Yes
Affordable PricingYes            No
Intuitive And Easy-To-Use UIYes            No
Duplicate applicants recognitionYes            Yes
Talent PoolYes            Yes
Hiring PipelineYes            Yes
Interview scheduling(Email & calendar integration)Yes            Yes
Collaborative HiringYes            Yes
Recruitment AnalyticsYes            Yes
Skill Based Candidate SearchYes            Yes
Job Widget(Embeds on your website’s career page)Yes            Yes
24×7 Customer SupportYes Yes

Post Jobs To Multiple Major Job Boards And Gain A Wider Reach

The first task that an ideal recruiting software automates and optimizes for you is sourcing candidates. Recooty has partnered with multiple major job boards including huge names like Monster, Indeed, etc. So, you can publish your jobs on multiple job board platforms and attract a wider audience for your job posts just within a matter of a few clicks.

Much More Than Just An Applicant Tracking System

Recooty’s sole objective is to make your entire hiring process seamless and reduce the stress of hiring. From sourcing to onboarding the hired candidates, Recooty’s wide range of features is very simple and easy to use. So, Recooty is more than just an Applicant Tracking System, helping SMEs worldwide hire better.

Collaborate With Your Team And Hire The Best

They say, two heads are better than one. Hiring the right person for a job is more effective and efficient when you let your whole team in it. So, with Recooty, you can engage your entire hiring team in your recruiting process and bring them onboard Recooty. You and your entire team can brainstorm on hiring a right from the beginning to the end and hire the perfect fit.

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