How To Write A Job Offer Letter

Recruiting is not an easy process. It is certainly not a short process. On average, each corporate job attracts around 250 resumes in a total. Out of these 250 resumes, only 4 to 6 resumes get shortlisted and called in for interviews. So, a lot of effort, time, and financial resources go into finding the right candidates for a job. All in all, finding the right hire is not easy. So, after the entire tedious hiring process, it’s finally time to send the job offer out to the selected candidates. You’ve screened thousands of applications, interviewed shortlisted candidates, it’s time to make an offer! Here’s a post on how to write a job offer letter.

You’ve decided who you want to hire and extended an offer verbally. The next step is sending a job offer letter. Writing a good job offer letter is as important as any other stage in the hiring process. So, you need to make your job offer letter stand out. This will help you onboard the best talents smoothly, with a positive candidate experience. So, here’s a complete guide on how to write a job offer letter. You’ll get to know what is a job offer letter, why is it important, and what are its components.

What Is A Job Offer Letter?

Once your hiring team has found the perfect candidate they usually contact the candidate to announce their decision. So, it’s time to bind it with an offer letter. The next step is to send out official job offer letters. A job offer letter is an official letter designed to offer a job to a candidate. It provides all the basic information that a candidate should know. Including details like job position, the company, work hours, compensation and benefits, and much more. So, a job offer letter is used to formally offer a job position to your selected individual. It includes all the information the candidate is supposed to know to get started. A job offer letter is usually delivered in person or sent out via email.

What Should A Job Offer Letter Include?

Based on the information in a job offer letter, your candidate decides whether they will accept it or not. So, it is very important to ensure that your offer contains all the required information as accurately and concisely as possible. Here’s a list of information that a typical job offer letter includes.

  • Company Logo And Named Name– If you’re sending out letters, make sure they are typed on your official letterhead with your company’s logo on it. In case the offer letter is sent out via an email, you need to include your company logo and name in the email as well.
  • Job Title And Description– Stating the job title and description clearly is extremely important to ensure that the candidate has a clear perception about what they are going to do. This part includes job title, job location, employment status, working hours, etc.
  • Salary And Employee Benefits– You need to mention how much is the candidate going to get paid, and what is the pay breakup. Also, you should mention all the employee benefits your company is going to offer like insurance, health benefits, leave facilities, and much more.
  • At-Will Status- This component of the job offer letter will allow the employers the right to terminate the employment of a candidate at any point of time. This usually includes a statement that clearly states that the employment relationship is at will. It is best to seek legal guidance while drafting this part of your job offer letter.
  • Closing- The offer letter should end with providing information that ensures that your candidates know how to reach out to you if they have any queries. So, make sure you provide a point of contact and other contact details to enable your candidates to reach out to you.

Why Is A Job Offer Letter Important?

Employers send out job offer letters to their employees for fulfilling many purposes. Here are a couple of reasons why are job offer letters important.

  • It helps in itemizing the facts and information about the job role, salary and benefits, and the legal compliances related to the job.
  • A precise and accurately drafted job offer letter always sets the right expectations for the selected candidates.
  • It marks the beginning of providing a great candidate experience.

Tips To Write A Great Job Offer Letter

Drafting a perfect job offer letter may seem simple at the first glance, however, it takes a lot of good effort and care. Here are some useful tips that can help in writing a great offer letter to your candidates. 

  • Make a note to cover every important job detail before you even start hiring and mention them in the offer letter.
  • It’s always a great idea to make a job offer over the phone before extending a formal job offer letter. 
  • To make the process of drafting a job offer letter easier and faster, you can use effective job offer letter templates. We have drafted some job offer letter templates for you below. 

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