How To Hire The Right People When You Are Starting

It really takes a lot of courage to make the risky decision of living life on your own terms, but once this decision is taken firmly, then there’s no coming back! Choosing to have a start-up and run your own company is one of those life-changing decision that any entrepreneur takes. Initiating something so big is never an easy task.

The success of any organization, whether a start-up or a well-established firm, totally depends on the human resource working for it. As much as it is important for a company’s success, hiring is also a hard and complicated process, and when it comes to a company that is just taking off, it can be harder. With limited cash flow, sourcing and retaining valuable talent can be a very tough task for a young company. Amidst of all this, hiring the wrong employee can literally have the full potential to break your start-up and shatter all your dreams.

Therefore, if you are a budding entrepreneur looking for the best team, you need to be really careful with your decisions and do your best to make sure you hire the best talents. Here are 5 amazingly efficient tips which can help you build a great team and climb up the ladder of success rapidly-

1. Hire Smartly.

When you’re just starting off with your own company, you may manage to be a one-man-show and do everything by yourself initially. But what about the times when demands become more than supply and you no longer are able to manage everything on your own? This is exactly the point in any business where hiring plays its role. You need more minds and hands working and coordinating with you to meet the needs.
Now, as a young company, few of the main resources like money and time is quite limited. In such limitations, it becomes really important to hire smartly and tap other resources for recruiting, for instance, technology and internet.

Using an efficient all-in-one online recruiting tool like Recooty would be the ultimate solution to all your hiring problems and make the difficult task of hiring as easy as it could ever get. Recooty is World’s easiest Applicant Tracking System with many more amazing features like website integration, interview scheduling, all this at very affordable pricing packages. Recooty can be your best way out of the complications of hiring.

2. Make Your Company a Great Place to Work.

Word of mouth is the fastest and efficient way for any information to travel including the candidate experience. It is an effective tool for finding great talents. You need to make your company’s workplace desirable and most wanted for any employee to work. This can be done in various ways. For example by creating an amazing work atmosphere full of positivity and motivation. You can keep up a healthy competition among employees by exposing them to challenging projects which bring out their best. If your current employees are happy working for you, they would definitely talk about it with their colleagues and spread the word. You need to maintain a great company culture because people who enjoy their jobs, the presence of their co-workers and the environment are most likely to be immensely productive. So by building a great place to work, you will be luring great people who would want to work for you.

3. Promote Yourself in Every Possible Way.

The more of the talented people know about you and your company, the more you can possibly get a great group of people working for you. So in order to achieve that, you need to promote your company in every way possible.

Speaking frequently at events and network is an awesome thing you can do to mark your presence among the potential candidates. Your talent hunt can be effectively expanded by taking time to speak at various events, seminars, and meetup. To sell your company and visions to the potential employees, speaking engagements are great opportunities and also there are really great networking environments.

Another great way to promote your company is by marking your presence online. Create an account on every social media platform and keep posting relevant content to grab more and more attention of the talented users. Having relevant blogs on different relevant sites, talking about your company, sharing your life lessons and experiences will help the talented people to know more about you and some of them may get influenced and want to join your team.

4. Make Your Vision & Mission Crystal Clear.

Initially, with your company just being at the establishment stage, you may not have enough financial resources to offer big paychecks to your current employees. This may lead to dissatisfaction among the employees and reduce employee retention. This also may leave a negative candidate experience among the employees which they further pass on to their friends, all adding up with you not being able to build a great team to work for your company.

In such a situation, for convincing the top talents to come and work for you, you need to build and develop a company with missions and visions that are too great that they excite and motivate the employee to work for you. You must be capable of sharing your long-term goals and visions with your employees effectively and present your company in the best way possible. This will not only help you have great talent on board, but it will keep them motivated and as a result, increase their productivity.

5. Know Your Candidates Through Interviews.

Hiring is complicated as a whole for both, the recruits as well as recruiters. The most important and scary part, which also has a high potential to become awkward for both sides, is the interview. Being new to this, at first conducting a job interview may seem quite a simple task: shortlist candidates, meet them, question them, compare them with each other and choose the best. But can you guarantee that this kind of interview will help you get the perfect employee for your start-up? Knowing the high price of a bad hire, possibly no. To prevent this you need to make the interview process much more than a mere recitation of the resume of the candidates. You need to make it smooth, interactive and an interesting process to know your potential employer and give them a chance to know you too. You can do this by including behavioral questions in your questionnaire, ask them about their experiences relevant to their skill set, their passion, dreams. Frame questions in such a way that you could easily judge their flexibility. Instill their entrepreneurial spirit.

A good interview scheme, can give you a great insight into your potential candidate and help you know them better.

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