EngineerBabu (Case Study)


1. An Overview:

Getting professional IT-related support is one of the prime concerns that every entrepreneur-to-be has for his start-up. Also, building and managing a tech team can be really hectic when technology is not the core area of expertise of the entrepreneur and it often takes up their whole attention to succeed in having an impactful software and online presence. But it should not be the only core area where all their time and capital is invested. It is really crucial for a budding entrepreneur to maintain a balance between every aspect of his business. EngineerBabu is a one-stop solution for every IT-related issue of an entrepreneur.

EngineerBabu is an India based amazing and world’s one of the best IT services company which provides solutions for a wide range of technology-related needs and issues from App development to Blockchain. They have a brilliant team of 250+ bright minds working over five cities in India.

In short, EngineerBabu is an excellent solution to all IT related problem and need areas for a start-up, as well as an established enterprise.   

2. Challenge Faced:

EngineerBabu knew the exact value of hiring talented coders and developers and their role for maintaining high-quality service standards. The company started growing soon after it came into the market because of the quality of their solutions. But here’s where an issue came up, EngineerBabu’s HR team expressed their immense dislike towards the cumbersome Recruiting process. As there is no shortage of eligible developers and tech-guys, the huge number of applications they received was a big problem. They were tired of going through each and every resume they received and shortlist them, considering the fact that most of them were irrelevant to the job opening they posted.

3. The Story:

Over the past few years, EngineerBabu has flourished and marked its presence in the IT market and so has its recruitment needs.

EngineerBabu, one of the best IT company now required an all-in-one recruitment solution for themselves. They needed a recruiting software which could provide them with the same level of high-tech yet easy to imply solutions for their recruiting issues, as they do to their clients. Something that can reduce the pain of their HR team by easing out the resume monitoring process, yet getting the best of the talents to work with them. A software that can save their precious time on recruitment making them a better version of themselves. When they started looking for a solution, that’s when they discovered Recooty through social media.

4. How Did Recooty Help?

The HR team of EngineerBabu has been using Recooty for almost a year now and since then Recooty has been fully and firmly invested in EngineerBabu’s vision of providing high-quality solutions to their clients. Prior to Recooty, EngineerBabu had no ATS or any other recruitment tool. They were solely dependent on job sites which got them a number of irrelevant applicants.

According to the HRs in EngineerBabu, when they got in touch with Recooty, it’s simplicity and effectiveness is what caught their eye.

Recooty’s partner network immensely helps team EngineerBabu in maximizing the visibility of their jobs on the world’s topmost job boards, including Google For Jobs, Adzuna, CareerJet and many more. This helps them in acquiring great talents easily. Also, Recooty helps them in creating a powerful was employer brand with easy to build career sites.

Once the team gets handy applications, it’s now pretty easy for them to filter applications under Recooty itself. Now, the teammates can see all the visual hiring pipeline for faster hiring. Email and calendar on Recooty integration remove the pain of interview coordination. Recooty was the simplest and the best solution EngineerBabu could have.

5. Review:

Here’s the precious review of EngineerBabu-

‘Recooty is the simplest and the best recruiting tool we have used till the date. With the increase in the number of applicants, it was really getting difficult for our HR team to manage the resumes and our mailboxes were getting choked. Once we started using Recooty, it made everyhting look so easy. From job posting to interview scheduling, Recooty helps us at every stage. We’ve also built a giant talent pool that will help us with future hires. Our HR team is really happy to have Recooty. ’

-Aditi Chaurasia

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