Email to Source a Referred Candidate – Free Template

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Freely use this free template of email to source a referred candidate. With this email, give a quick introduction and plan the next stages with the candidate who’s internally referred.

Internal referrals are among the best ways to find qualified candidates for open job roles. Candidates sourced with this method generally prove to be the best fit because they’re already a part of the company and familiar with the work culture and other aspects of the company.

Hiring internally will indicate to your existing employees that the organization truly cares for them and there will be opportunities for growth for them. This will allow you to retain your company’s best people and also reduce hiring costs.

Tips for Writing an Email to Source a Referred Candidate:

  • Mention the employee who referred the candidate in the subject line.
  • You can skip the overly formal tone for this email. Opt for a more friendly yet professional tone when writing.
  • Specify the open position and explain briefly why you think the candidate possibly be interested.
  • Tell the candidate in which way their skills and experience are suitable for this role.
  • Now guide the candidate about the next stages (like scheduling a call) and give every required detail (for example, contact info, job description, company’s website link, etc.).

Internal Referral Candidate Email Template

Subject line: Received referral from (Employee’s name) / (Employee’s name) referred you for (Job title)

Hi (Candidate name),

I am (Your name), (Your designation/position) at (Company name). Currently, we’re searching for an excellent candidate for (Job title), and (Employee’s name) suggested your name.

I saw your (LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.) profile and found that your background and skills are a great match for this job. You’ve also done some compelling work similar to the projects we handle. (Mention anything particular you found interesting). Here at (Company name) we always try to find people like (Employee name), so it would be our pleasure to meet you.

Are you available for a quick intro call (mention date and time) to learn more about this job role? If you prefer some other time or way (for example, Email or LinkedIn), I’d be happy to coordinate with you.

Have a good day and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon,

(Your name)

(Your email signature)

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