Cyber Security Specialist Job Description Template

This Cyber Security Specialist Job Description Template is readily available for you to post on online job boards. You can also customize it according to your need.

This is a compilation of all the responsibilities and requirements of a Cyber Security specialist. It makes your hiring process easier by channelizing your thoughts. It broadens your candidate reach and helps you to make a wise choice for your open position.

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Job Brief :

We are looking for a Cyber Security Specialist for our organization. The Candidate must be passionate about deriving original solutions to prevent cyberattacks. You will have to constantly monitor cyber activities on the network. Your major duties will be to identify cyber attacks, the perpetrator, and taking required actions against the criminal. To keep the customer’s digital data secured is also your responsibility.

We know that with the continuous advancement in technology the network complexity also increases. In order to prevent the system from cybercriminals, you must be one step ahead of their expertise in the field.

Ultimately, your main aim is to protect the networks and computers of the organization from criminal intervention in the best possible way.

Responsibilities :

  • Constantly monitor the cyber activities in order to provide security.
  • Take care of confidentiality of client’s digital assets.
  • Be an expert to handle issues related to intrusion detection, etc.
  • Monitor hardware and software, identify the areas of improvement with respect to its security.
  • Secure the network infrastructure by building firewalls.
  • Come up with new innovative and more effective ways to protect the IT infrastructure of the company.
  • Identify the potential threats or breaching attempts.
  • Effectively contribute in the improvement of cuber security processes in support of the company’s cyber security program.
  • Find the identity of the perpetrator and take necessary actions against the individual.
  • Set tool sets to provide and aid for the various cuber security activity aiming for improvement in the cyber security program.

Reuirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science engineering or other related fields.
  • Proven experience as a Cyber Security Specialist or other related roles.
  • Working experience in digital forensics, intrusion detection, penetration testing or other such relevant work.
  • Good at coordinating complex cyber security activities with respective departments.
  • Excellent logical reasoning abilities.
  • Ability to cope up with continues changes in the cyber world in a fast pace manner.
  • Understanding of the ways of working of hackers, attackers and other cyber criminals.
  • Good teamwork spirit and attention to details.
  • Excellent leadership qualities, verbal and written communication skills.

Cyber Security Specialist Job Description FAQs:

What is a typical payout for a Cyber Security Specialist?

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on an average a Python Developer on an entry-level earn about Rs. 500,000 in India and $88,000 in the US per year.

How can this Job Description help me broaden my reach for better candidates?

Posting this job description on various job boards such as Adzuna, ZipRecruiter and CareerJet can help get you better reach of the candidates. Using an ATS like Recooty can help save you a great deal of manual work! This allows you to post jobs to more than 20+ job sites on a single click. A quick Recooty sign up could be done from here – Recooty.

Which industries lookout for Cyber Security Specialist?

Cyber Security Specialist is one of the most sought after professional programmers in the job market.

  • Financial Services,
  • Retail & Ecommerce,
  • Government Sector,
  • Healthcare,
  • Banking & Finance,
  • Manufacturing.

are some industries that look out for Cyber Security Specialist.

What are the top skills needed to become a Cyber Security Specialist?

Top skills needed to become a Cyber Security Specialist are:

  • Network Security: Network infrastructure is complex and one needs to be focused in order to maintain it efficiently. To do so it is very essential for you to have a good understanding of switching, routing, and network security protocols. This will help to track the footprints of the hackers trying to intrude into the system.
  • Understanding of intrusion detection and prevention: As per a famous saying, “Prevention is better than cure. “. Similarly, an Intrusion detection and prevention system is a strong defense against all cyberattacks. To have an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is the best key against all the attacks on the network.
  • Vulnerability assessment: Identifying the risk in our network before the unethical hackers understanding, it would be the best way of preventing them. As there are lots of tools available to do the work of risk assessment, etc. you must be skilled enough to use them efficiently.
  • Ethical hacking skills: You need to think like a hacker if you want to fight against a hacker. Ethical Hacking skills help the candidate to identify the ways the hacker would opt for the plugin in the company’s network. It will help you identify the flaws or holes in the security system in the technology as well as from the user’s end.
  • Penetration testing: This is closely related to ethical hacking. But, in this, the main focus of the candidate is to identify the weakness in the security system of the company’s network. It involves the use of various tools specially designed to do all the exploitation on a piece of software. Then address the weakness to the specialist if identified.
Cyber Security Specialist Job Description Template,Cyber Security Specialist JD,Free Job Description,Job Description Template, job posting

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