Choose the right ATS for your company in 2022

Hiring for your company is a critical task, and it is important to select the right candidates for your organization. So you can assure that your company gets good output in the form of great talent, for the investments that it is making. For this, ATS works as a guardian angel. This article will help you to choose the right ATS for your company.

ATS software can help you in the recruitment process. It is often used to make the hiring process easier with its various features. Nowadays, ATS software is used by small to large organizations to provide automation in some of the dimensions of the recruiting process.

But first, let’s discuss what ATS software or Applicant Tracking Software is.

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What is ATS software?

Applicant Tracking System or Recruiting Software is a software application used by Human Resource Personnel. It is used to manage various aspects of the hiring process. ATS makes recruitment effective and efficient. It helps to reduce the time spent on hiring the best talent. 

It is an arena where all the recruiting activities take place like job posting, scheduling interviews, sending emails to candidates, getting reports on hiring.

Long story short, it makes the Talent Acquisition team’s life easier by giving them relief with job posting automation. With the help of this tool, HR personnel can engage more with candidates.

But any ATS you choose should offer these basic features at least –

  • Finding Candidates – Basic function like posting the vacant positions on multiple job boards to attract the candidates. And that too with the convenience of one click.
  • Employer Branding – It should provide the facility of creating branded career pages. 
  • Scheduling & Emails – Check if it has the feature of scheduling interviews and emailing functionalities like features for sending bulk email and so on.
  • Candidate Evaluation – It must provide skill tests, quizzes, and other tests to check candidates’ skills and knowledge. It should also have metrics systems to analyze and compare them with each other.
  • Collaborative Hiring – The platform you are choosing must include the provision of collaborative hiring. So that you can carry on the hiring process with your teammates, and exchange your views on different candidates.
  • Easy ATS workflow – Good looking and easily operational software is usually preferred. This is why the software must be user-friendly for the hiring teams.
  • Integration – Look for integration features so that you can integrate it with other platforms like Video Interviewing Platforms, Human Resource Information Systems, etc.
  • Reporting & Analytics – There is always the need for valuable insights to make your hiring process successful. Therefore, see if the software provides reports and analytics on various metrics of your recruitment process.
  • Talent Pool – Where you can store the information of the candidates that you are interested. So that you can contact them whenever there are new openings.
  • Security & Compliance – Safety and security of data is of utmost priority. Check if it complies with data protection laws and has security to protect the confidential data.

You can choose the right ATS for your company, based on the following points:

1. Consider your hiring requirements

Before you go out looking for the available options, please have a view of your current process of recruitment. See if there is any possibility of improvement in the current requirements.

Generally, what happens is without considering important things before purchasing any hiring software, you end up buying the one that doesn’t fulfill your needs. You realize this later when you face difficulties and try to find solutions in the existing one.

Ask related questions like these –

  • In which area are we facing difficulties?
  • Is the interview process well-organized?
  • Do we have regular job openings to fill-in?
  • Do we need proper analysis reports about our hiring process?

All these questions are very necessary to consider because answers to these will act as a guide for choosing the right platform. It will help you choose the Applicant Tracking System which is best for your company.

Specifically look for the loopholes & shortcomings in your hiring process to evaluate which solution could resolve them before making an informed purchase decision.

2. ATS Pricing

Yes, you can’t just sideline the most influential factor of purchasing while choosing the right ATS for your organization. There are several ATS solutions available at low, mid, and high price ranges.

The different ATS solutions are priced differently based on various criteria like features, number of users, and others. There are generally multiple plans offered by an ATS solution provider according to your company needs. For example, there is always a basic plan with all the basic features. Whereas, premium features can be easily accessed under premium plans.

Some companies charge for their yearly fees, some offer their software access on a monthly fee.

The base price of plans offered by a few companies may look affordable at first glance. But, when you add features according to your needs, the cost of these adds up to the base price. You will find this when you dive deep into the details.

Also, the important thing is to look at what your company’s budget is. The cost of acquisition and implementation should match the allotted budget by your organization.

An example for such a case would be exhausting all your budget into buying an ATS which doesn’t even have the features you need. Wouldn’t be worthwhile, would it?

3. Check if the ATS meets your company’s size & demands

Applicant Tracking Software must meet your company’s size and demands. The needed features of the small, medium, and large organizations are quite different. One more area to look for while selecting the solution, is the industry/domain where your organization deals in.

The ATS should fulfill the company’s needs of – business, the process of hiring, brand, user experience, etc.

4. Is it flexible and expansible.

Every company, at some point in time, decides to expand its business & area of operations. No exception in the case of your organization as well. Select ATS, keeping in mind the future requirements of your company.

When your company will grow in size, the hiring requirements will be different. Choose ATS which has different tiers of plans or adjustable pricing, so you can upgrade or change plans when your company needs.

5. Integration features of ATS.

Is the recruitment software that you’re selecting can integrate with other systems like payroll systems, HR systems, etc? Note that, sometimes it is required to transfer information from the system of one department to systems of other departments. A good hiring software will support the transfer of information to other applications or platforms with it. From this, the work efficiency of your company increases.

Check if the recruiting software has features to integrate with job boards and career sites too. This is necessary because once you automate job posting, your HR team can fully focus on finding the best employees for your company.

6. Good-looking UI with slick experience is a must.

Think as if you visit a website, and it doesn’t load quickly and looks terrible. In that case, would you stay on that website and wait to see what they offer or would you leave immediately?

Probably you’ll leave. Either it is an app or a website if the experience isn’t great nobody’s going to use that product. If you buy a hiring software, and it is not working quickly and smoothly, nobody in your Human Resource team will use it.

ATS must be easy to use so that the user can navigate within the interface without any hassle. It should be fast, and in terms of looks, it should be pleasing to the eyes. Remember these simple elements contribute towards a great user experience.

So, when you plan to buy one consider the user interface of the Recruiting Software. This point will also help you to choose the right ATS for your company.

7. Involve your team & get the product demo.

After you shortlist the most favorable ones, try to get a live demo from the software provider to see:

  • Have a look at the performance in real life.
  • How well it looks & feels,
  • How easy it is to operate.

All should be seen from the perspective of the Talent Acquisition Team.

Don’t forget to involve all of your HR Team members. You must invite them in the process of planning, listing down the most suitable options, and when taking the demo. Tell them to prepare a list of criteria and questions in advance, before the demo on their front.

When a representative from the ATS company will give the product tour, they can ask the questions they’ve jotted down.

It is important because at last, your team members will also use the software along with you. So, the software should be purchased which is suitable for everyone in the Hiring Team.

And by the way, here are the 10 Best ATS to choose from for your company.

8. Go for a partner, not a provider.

Last but not the least, you should go for ATS which provides after-sales services and product support whenever required. Because if you face any sort of problems regarding the software, you can contact customer support, and they will solve the issue.

Look if they provide training sessions, they have a dedicated FAQ section on their website, etc.

Build a good relationship with the ATS provider, and you won’t face difficulties as they are there to help you.


So, the takeaway from these things is that you make the right decision and choose the right ATS for your company. Think about all the points that we have mentioned in this article.

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