The Best Alternative To Breezy HR

Breezy hr is an end-to-end recruiting software that modernizes the recruiting process by helping recruiters attract and hire great employees with less effort. It is an amazing, all-in-one software which enables recruiters to get a bird’s-eye view of their candidate profile, efficiently streamline candidate communication and schedule interviews and source candidates wherever they are in no time. With Breezy HR, recruiters can make smarter hiring decisions effectively with just a click.

Why do not have breezy as your recruiting software?

Breezy HR is indeed a good recruiting software. It’s easy to use, very intuitive and its features have enabled many recruiters to build great teams for their respective organizations. In a nutshell, Breezy HR is supposed to be the perfect online recruiting companion any company could have.
According to the reviews of their clients, turns out that Breezy hr have few major cons which are really important for recruiting software to overcome.
Firstly, the customer service of Breezy hr is really slow. Getting to someone in a timely fashion is been lagging by the customer service of Breezy hr. The customer service of any business is a really important factor as its the most significant way through which interaction with clients is possible.
The mobile app of Breezy hr is not so efficient and complete as it does not have full functionality yet.

Why Recooty is better?

The team behind Recooty has always been completely dedicated to trying to make the recruiting experience the best for their clients. We understand that not every client of ours is experienced to the same level and hence feel it’s our responsibility to be completely attentive to our customer’s needs and doubts. Hence we have ensured that our customer service is super responsive and effectively helps our clients to have the best hires.
We’ve been really working hard on developing a mobile app for Recooty and considering the success of the website and the satisfaction of our clients with that, we’re really looking forward to it. We hope we will satisfy our clients with our service through the mobile app in the same way we did through our website.

The Best Alternative To Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is both, a powerful recruiting software and a cutting-edge Applicant Tracking System that streamlines and automated the hiring process for recruiters. With Zoho Recruit, recruiters can effectively source candidates with best talents faster, track resumes and interviews efficiently and ensure to never miss on a great hire. It offers awesome features like customized career websites, posting jobs on popular job boards and social sites, resume parsing and many more. Recruiters can find better candidates, bring their entire team on board and make data-driven decisions effectively with Zoho Recruit.

Why Zoho Recruit is not worth investing?

Zoho Recruit is an apt recruiting tool for startups and small businesses. Its pricing plans are quite affordable and that is why most newbie entrepreneurs may think its the best for their business. However, there are abundant chances that what seems to be an inexpensive recruitment solution for small businesses, may turn out to be a huge hassle and full of inconvenience. Zoho Recruit, inspire of its cheap pricing, maybe the hurdle in a small business’ hiring process instead of being a savior. For starters, the User Interface of Zoho Recruit is very poor. It is a minimalist design and has not at all kept up with current elements. A more interactive interface with the involvement of questionnaires or custom assessments to compare the candidates against the posting would have been a lot helpful. Training is minimal too, instead of creating and offering a thorough training manual for reference purposes, Zoho Recruit simply gives a copy of the demo which is definitely not much helpful. The customer service of Zoho Recruit is not at all supportive and responsive as according to the reviews of many customers.
Considering the importance of the above-mentioned factors for any ATS, Zoho Recruit is definitely not the best option for any small business or startup, and definitely not for an enterprise.

Why Recooty is the best alternative?

The team at Recooty truly understands how challenging recruiting valuable employees can be for a startup, even a well-established startup. Keeping this very important fact in mind, we’ve ensured that recruiters from every segment of the entrepreneurial world benefit from our services. The pricing scheme of Recooty is completely affordable for any company, whether a startup or a big company as it ranges from $0 to $99 per month.
Zoho Recruit surely has a much affordable pricing too, but Recooty totally has an edge over Zoho Recruit as, within almost the same prices, Recooty covers all the loopholes and flaws that Zoho Recruit possess.
The User Interface of Recooty is absolutely simple and interactive. The users would have no inconvenience at all in understanding Recooty while they visit the website for the very first time. There’s a super amazing and simple video that explains everything one needs to need to get Recooty on board with them for the journey to hiring perfect candidates. And lastly, the customer service of Recooty is absolutely amazing. Recruiters get the solutions to their problems within a couple of minutes.
Every company has some basic needs and expectations from any recruiting tool that they’re installing, irrespective of whatever price they’re paying. Zoho Recruit is undoubtedly one of the cheapest ATS but it surely doesn’t seem to fulfill the expectations. Whereas Recooty on the other hand was built to do exactly the same and have the priority to fulfill its client’s expectations and needs.

The Best Alternative To Freshteam


Freshteam is an Applicant Tracking System which builds the perfect bridge between good recruiters and great candidates. It effectively automates and takes care of all the recruitment tasks and chores of a company and helps recruiters focus more on the most important thing, that is, finding great talent. With Freshteam, a company can easily do all the important parts of recruiting avail amazing features like Managing Job Postings, Sourcing Candidates, Resume Screening, Engaging With Candidates, Asses and make offers and finally, integrations. Freshteam is a multi-tasking recruitment tool that has helps a number of companies to achieve their hiring goals.

Why Freshteam may not be the best deal for you?

Freshteam is indeed an amazing hiring software but when speaking of its usability for companies of every level and scale, is benefits may be a little questionable. To begin with, let’s consider the UI and UX. According to the reviews of some of the clients, the UI/UX of Freshteam is not so intuitive and it’s a little challenging to make custom stages to the pipeline. The second drawback would be the complexity of the integration of e-mail with the Freshteam which seems a little confusing. Also, the payment options for Freshteam excludes one of the important options, that is PayPal. And lastly, the pricing plan which is good if the company is medium or large scale but very unaffordable for a small business.

Why Recooty is the best alternative?

The team behind Recooty is completely dedicated to making the life of every recruiter easier in every way possible, from creating the best User Interface to ensuring the best pricing plan for the recruiters. The developers at Recooty have put in immense efforts to ensure that the UI of Recooty is simultaneously attractive, as well as simple so that recruiters know exactly what they’re doing and what they want. The Website Integration of Recooty is super simple and very precisely explained in a video, right on the homepage of Recooty’s website. And finally, the pricing plan of Recooty is affordable for everyone, from a small company to large enterprises starting with the basic version being free and the Ultimate plan being $99 per month, which is surely very less than Freshteam.
Considering the downsides of Freshteam Recooty is undoubtedly the best option for every recruiter in every other company, whether small or big.
And that’s not it, for the sake of satisfaction and assurance to its clients, Recooty provides a 31 days free trial which involves no credit, debit cards or any other payment. Isn’t it amazing!

The Best Alternative To Greenhouse

The greenhouse is an effective recruiting tool which is much more than just an Applicant Tracking System and enables help companies to build a winning hiring culture. It enables companies to stay a step ahead in the competition for talent. The greenhouse provides you everything that you need from an ATS and even more. Greenhouse recruiting always ensures that you know the best and right step to take to hire the best candidate. It designs a structured and winning hiring process. Greenhouse’s hiring process begins with looking for perfect candidates from a number of diverse sources like in-person events, job boards, in-house referrals etc. Greenhouse makes sure that your efforts in ensuring an amazing candidate experience don’t go away all in vain.

Why Greenhouse is not the best option available?

Since nothing is perfect and every other advantage can be a disadvantage for the other side of perspective, Greenhouse as well could not always be the best recruitment option for every company. For starters, let us consider the high, completely unaffordable pricing scheme of Greenhouse. Greenhouse Software pricing ranges from around $6000, for a couple of dozen of employees, to $25000 per year for the clients they surveyed, depending upon the size and needs of the companies. The high price is the reason why Greenhouse recruiting would be completely beneficial only to enterprises with high and constant financial supply. Startups and emerging enterprises are the neediest for an automated and efficient hiring tool and considering the prices of Greenhouse, clearly, it is not suitable for their finances.

Why Recooty is the best alternative?

Recooty is a perfect recruiting tool for companies and enterprises of all sizes and resources in the business world. Recooty was build to give an efficient yet affordable solution to every other hiring issues and complexities. The mission is to help startups and SMEs to automate their recruitment process in the most affordable and efficient way possible.
Greenhouse’s high pricing is the reason why many of the startups cannot possibly be exposed and avail of the recruiting services that they provide. We have to build Recooty by keeping in mind the recruiting needs and financial capabilities of every section of the business world. Recooty’s pricing plans are very much affordable. Starting from the basic free version which includes the basic support and few of the essential features required for digital hiring, to the Ultra plan which costs only $99 per month and includes a set of amazing and advanced features like Resume Parsing, Unlimited Active Jobs and many more.

Well, that’s not it! If you still have doubts about how amazingly perfect Recooty is for your business, here’s how you can clear all of them.
Recooty provides a 31 days free trial for your satisfaction without the involvement of any way of payment like credit or debit cards.
Isn’t it amazing!


The Best Alternative to Workable- All-in-one Recruitment Tool


Workable is an Applicant Tracking System and an all-in-one recruitment tool that helps businesses of all sizes to find people for their open jobs. It helps and transforms the whole recruitment process for recruiters, from sourcing candidates to managing applications. Workable offers a pool of features like creating a branded career page for your company’s website, advertise your jobs on various platforms, source, track and manage candidates and many more but most important, Workable is supposedly the most high-priced and complex Applicant Tracking System.


Why do you need to rethink before signing up for Workable?

Workable is undoubtedly the ideal tool for any business, irrespective of their size, looking for help strictly in recruiting the best candidates. However, if your business needs a more general, affordable and non-complicated human resources tool, Workable does not offer enough features and capabilities to work in this capacity. Workable offers three different monthly pricing options, from the $50-per-job-per-month, pay-as-you-go plan to the custom pricing Pro plan. For a company which has just started with a limited amount of funding, $50 per job post is a pretty big deal! Also, the basic pay-as-you-go plan doesn’t offer many features as some of the other human resources software which offers more amazing features at a lesser pricing.


Why Recooty is the Best Alternative to Workable?

At Recooty, we have our primary aim to provide services that can benefit entrepreneurs and companies irrespective of their own limits. We ensure that from newly emerging startups to well-established companies, everyone can avail our services and hire efficiently.

Unlike Workable, the basic version of Recooty is absolutely free with few of the very efficient and effective features like website integration, job sharing, and basic support. The pro pricing package of Recooty costs only $29 per month for up to 20 Job Post, which by the way is way more affordable than Workable, has some added features along with the features of the free version like Branded Career Page, Google For Jobs Visibility, Interview Scheduling, API integration, Priority Support and white labelled. Whereas, the highly expensive $50 per-job-per-month pricing of Workable provides features which are not so significant and important.

Workable is indeed a good recruiting tool but it’s unreasonably high pricing is one of its major drawbacks and which effectively arises the need for an equally amazing recruiting tool at an affordable pricing. At Recooty, we’re here to fulfill all your online hiring requirements in a way which is friendly to your finances and ensuring you the best of recruitment solutions simultaneously.

The best part is Recooty provides a 31 days free trial without any credit card to ensure the customer satisfaction.

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