Cognic Systems (Case Study)

1. About:

Cognic Systems Private Ltd. is a rapidly growing technology startup which is an efficient and preferred partner for consulting, outsourcing and technology services.

Cognic Systems specializes in technologies like Microsoft.Net, Java, SCALA, Spring, Node.js, and Oracle -which are high-tech solutions and have revolutionized the traditional development processes.

The team of Cognic System provides excellent products and solutions for all complex and difficult problems in the domains of finance, insurance, retail, education, legal, and government. Joining hands with Cognic Systems Private Ltd. can get you an all-in-one solution for various problems from various domains.  

2. Challenge faced:

With their recruitment system being manual, the recruiters at Cognic Systems were going through numerous difficulties in hiring and expanding their team. Relying on manual procedures didn’t let them feedback during and post recruitment. Filtering out satisfactory ones from tons of resumes, and then reaching out to them individually was a really hectic process. They also hired a few candidates for different jobs in the past and it turned out that they made a wrong for various reasons.  

 3. Client’s story:

According to the needs and purpose of Cognic Systems, they didn’t want to invest so much of their precious time and other resources on recruiting and definitely didn’t want to let all these efforts go in vain. They needed qualified, capable and competent employees, be it a skilled developer or an experienced analyst, who could be productive and bring out the best of solutions to various problems.

In a nutshell, they needed a simple yet effective recruiting software that could supervise and automate their recruiting process so that they can invest their resources on aspects which makes them better at serving their purpose.

4. How did Recooty help?

Recooty does exactly what our client needed to. Once they integrated Recooty to their website, now they could post job openings for various jobs directly on their website. This saved so much of their time which they had to spend on looking for the perfect yet affordable job portal, which is quite hard to find. Recooty’s integration with Google Job Board helped them to gain a lot of exposure to the candidates with relevant skills and qualifications and get the right candidate for the right job. Recooty enabled the recruiters at Cognic Systems to create and maintain a Talentpool by keeping a record of candidates who have applied from different sources by uploading their details on the dashboard. Now they could manage and filter resumes with just a couple of clicks, without any confusion.

5. Review:

After getting Recooty, this is what Cognic Systems Private Ltd had to say-

‘Recooty is an amazing tool and an ultimate solution to ease out the recruiting process. We were really quite messed up when it came to hiring good quality candidates with excellent skills. We spent thousands of bucks on various well-known job portals, still couldn’t get satisfactory results. But now with Recooty, it all has come down to a new level of easy. After we integrated Recooty to our website and posted job openings there itself, we’ve got some really valuable employees on board with us who have effectively enhanced the quality of service we provide. It was an amazing experience working with Recooty and we’re looking forward to keeping experiencing more in future :)’

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